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How are you all? I've finally survived my first year of uni!!! It was a pretty stressful but fun year because along the way I've met so many lovely people in my course :) Congratulations to all the year 12's in NSW because they have finally all finished their HSC as of yesterday! I remember it was just last year when I felt the relief of finishing my final exams~

Now that I'm on holidays, hopefully I will have the time to post more regularly or at least post on time hehe because I know I've neglected my blog a lot this year due to the workload! Today's post is about the package that I received from Stylekorean awhile ago but I haven't had the chance to take pictures and write about it. I've actually seen many bloggers post about Stylekorean recently but in case you haven't seen any of those posts, Stylekorean is actually the upgraded version of Honest Skin (which I did a post about two years ago). They've now renamed their business and have changed their whole website look. They stock a lot of Korean beauty/skincare products as well as a variety of Korean foods including the chicken fire noodles that has been trending on YouTube lately (yum!). The prices on their website are really affordable and even though they don't offer free shipping, the shipping is quite affordable anyway (shipping worldwide as well!). 

Packaged posted : Friday 2nd October 2015 
Package arrived: Monday 12th October 2015
Total Days for package to arrive: Ten days 

First thing I want to applaud StyleKorean for is how fast their shipping is. My package wasn't EMS but it arrived from Korea to Sydney in just ten days, less than two weeks! Secondly, when the package came, everything was really safely packed in lots of bubble wrap to ensure tha everything wasn't broken. Sometimes when I buy from other Korean websites, their packaging is pretty flimsy and often the individual product's boxes are either dented or broken. This didn't happen with any of the products that I received from StyleKorean and all the packaging still looks perfect! So I received quite a lot of products so keep reading to see what I got in the package :) 

Berrisom Oops! My Lip Tint Pack 
$17.99 USD

This was probably the product that I was most excited to receive in the package! I've never tried this brand before but they're known for this peel off lip tint that has super long lasting powers! It comes in six different shades and you can buy the shades separately for about $10 each but the best thing about StyleKorean is that they sell this whole entire set for only $17.99 USD (~$25 AUD). If you think about it, it's less than $5 for one lip tint so it's a super affordable lip tint set. Shades range from light pink to orange to a dark red but if you buy these separately I think there are another two shades in the collection (I think a purple and red?). I will definitely be doing a full review with swatches of some of these colours in a post coming up soon, so stay tuned for that! I've tried two colours so far and I'm pretty happy with the quality and the concept :) 

Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel
$3.46 USD

This peeling gel is essentially a scrub/exfoliator. The one that i currently use is by Origins rice scrub and it's actually been lasting me for quite awhile because I don't exfoliate that often. I've heard a lot of good things about Missha Skin care products and this product sounds pretty good from the decriptions I've read. It contains fruit extracts, caffeine and green tea which are all really beneficial for your skin. I tried this product on my hand and it's kind of like the Cure Exfoliator where you can visibily see the little bits of exfoliated dead skin as you scrub! I'm super excited to try out this product :) The review for this will come a bit later because I haven't tested it out yet~ 

SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick
$8.22 USD

I've been wanting to try SU:M37 products for so long because I've heard they're naturally fermented products are really good for your skin, but i've never had the chance to try them. The product I received in the package is actually a cleanser in the form of a stick and apparently a really popular product which is always sold out! This is a really interesting product because I've never seen a cleanser like this before - I've used foam cleansers, cream cleansers, cleansers in the form of a bar but not in a stick form. It kind of reminds me of a glue stick because you can wind the product up and down depending on how much you want to use. When i opened it up, I could immediately smell the rose (even though they say it's free form fragrances) and you can visibly see the rose petals on the surface of the stick as well. It's made up of 90% natural ingredients, including coconut oil, camellia oil, glycerol, and actual, real-life rose petals, free from fragrances, artificial colors, and synthetic preservatives. Apparently it is meant to remove makeup and cleanses thoroughly, great for travelling. I'll be testing this product out soon to see if it's as good as everyone claims it to be and hopefully see the skin benefits that I can get out of it :) 

SkinFood Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence 
$6.87 USD

This next product is by Skinfood and it's a hair care product made from argan oil with 18 amino acids that help to provide moisture and nutrition for the hair. Other than finding a good hair shampoo and conditioner, it is also important to treat your hair after you wash it! Argan oil is known to be a really helpful hair treating product so I was excited to see this ingredient in the product. I've used this a couple of time so far and i think i've seen some improvements in my hair texture. It also smells like roses which makes my hair smell really good after I apply the product hehe~

Etude House Kissful Lip Care Lip Concealer 
$1.24 USD

Another makeup product ! This one is by Etude House and it's their lip concealer. You're meant to use this before you apply your lipstick or any lip product for a longer lasting effect and for a more vibrant colour. You can also use this for concealing the lips so you can create the gradient lip look. I don't really see the point of purposely buying this product since any concealer that you use on your face can do the same job, but I'll try it anyway to see how it works and if it's better than using regular concealers. I think the best thing about this is probably it's size, so you can bring it on the go with you in your handbag for touch ups. 

Its Skin Power 10 Formula CO Effector
$7.69 USD

This next product is an Its Skin serum which promises to hydrate dehydrated skin and contains Collagen to help the skin retain it's elasticity, preventing premature aging. I'm not at an age where I desparately need to worry about aging skin so I'm just going to see how well this product will hydrate my skin and maybe i'll get my mum to test it out to see if it helps with preventing wrinkles and fine lines. Its Skin actually has a huge range of these serums with different coloured packaging which you can check out on StyleKorean's website. I think each colour brings different benefits to the skin so if you're planning to buy a serum maybe check this range out and see which one caters to your needs! 

Tony Moly Backstage Gel Liner in Black 
$5.45 USD

I actually haven't used gel liners in so long because I've just been too lazy to grab out an angled eyeliner brush, slowly dip it into the pot and then apply it to my eyes. Liquid pen liners are definintely my favourite because they're quick and easy to use. However, I know this Tony Moly gel liner is a popular choice for many and it's convenient how it comes with a small brush at the top of the product. It's not the best eyeliner brush but it looks pretty decent. On the website it claims to have 24 hour lasting power and provides an intense colour but they recommend people with oily eyelids to stay away from this product and try their liquid liner range instead. Now, I have pretty oily eyelids so I'm not sure if this will smudge on me or not. But I'll definitely tell you guys when i do try :) 

Holika Holika Pig Nose Clear Blackheads 3 Step Kit 
$1.28 USD
Last product in this haul is a skincare product from Holika Holika! I've given up on using blackhead pore strips because I feel like they don't really work and they damage the surface of the skin when you rip it off (it's really satisfying {but disgusting} to see all the dirty stuff get pulled out of your nose though heheh). This product however, sparked my interest because it's a three step kit. The first step is to open the pores, the second step gets rid of the blackheads whilst the third step helps to close up the pores again. I'm super excited to try this product and hopefully it will work to get rid of my gross blackheads >_<~

So that concludes my cosmetics/skincare haul for today! I hope you all enjoyed reading about the products that I received and the reviews will definitely be up in the next few weeks!! I'm try to work as quick as I can to try out all the products so I can tell you guys about my full thoughts about them. Meanwhile, don't forget to follow me on GFC and my other social media platforms (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee). It would mean a lot to me <3  Until next time, take care everyone :) 
* This post was brought to you by StyleKorean.com. I'm not being paid to write these, products were sent for review purposes. 

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