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Hi everyone!!! 

So today, I decided to do the Beauty Blogger Tag that the beautiful Angel from Anjelleee tagged me in a while back! So thank you Angel for tagging me!! :) 

Getting to know you 

3 Random Facts About Yourself: + I'm 17 years old from Sydney 
+ I have an obsession with GEM 鄧紫棋
+ I really want to become a Primary school teacher

What Country Do you Live in? : 

What's the meaning behind the name of your blog?
When I first wanted to start blogging I didn't know what to name my blog. But because I really liked makeup and makeup has the ability to make someone beautiful, I decided to call if Beautifying Life. Idk it was pretty lame and my sister laughs at it all the time haha but I really can't be bothered to think of something better at the moment! :P 

Why did you start blogging?
I started blogging because I had been watching beauty bloggers and gurus on Youtube for many years like Michelle Phan, Bubzbeauty, IlikeWeylie and heaps of other people and I really wanted to do what they did. But because I'm not good with talking in front of cameras, writing out stuff was a lot easier and I could stay behind the screen :P 

Makeup ♥

If you could live off one foundation which one would it be? 
It used to be my Maybelline Nude Airfoam until recently I discovered the M.A.C studio sculpt foundation which I'm currently loving! 

What's the most expensive thing you've ever bought? 
It would probably be the Naked 3 palette which I purchased last year on my trip to Malaysia! It's not even that expensive but I haven't invested into anything that is more expensive than that at this time. Maybe when Sephora Sydney opens i will have a lot to share ;) 

Which product have you repurchased the most? 
I like to keep trying new makeup products once I've finished old things but my Cetaphil moisturiser, I've been using it for years so it would probably be the thing that I've repurchased the most. 

Smokey & Sexy, Girl Next Door or Bright and Bold?
I really like wearing smokey & sexy but I never have many occasions when I can really wear that look so usually I would go for Girl next door :) 

Biggest Blogger/Youtuber Inspiration
Wow my list could go on forever, i literally have so many subscriptions on Youtube. It definitely started off with Bubzbeauty & Michelle Phan. Then in recent years I discovered IlikeWeylie, Shaaanxo, Thatsheart, Clothesencounters

Drugstore or High End? 
I think for face makeup I prefer high end although Maybelline has really good foundations and BB creams as well. With eyeliners I like my drugstore Korean brands and everything else I don't really mind, drugstore is definitely a lot more affordable unless at the time I feel like spoiling myself ;P 

Bronzer or Blush? 
I like blush! Mainly because whenever i use bronzer I feel like it makes my face look kind of dirty lol 

Skincare ♥

How many times a day do you wash your face? 
Twice, once in the morning and once when I shower unless I work out or remove my makeup before I shower, then 3 times max. 

Biggest Skin Struggle? 
Acne - I've been struggling for 3 years straight and it's getting better after trying out several types of medication but the acne scars afterwards is definitely an even bigger struggle! 

What's your favourite way to pamper your skin?
Facial masks! 

What's your skincare routine? 
My skincare routine is really simple and the same for both day and night. I use my cetaphil cleanser, neturogena toner, Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel & Cetaphil moisturising lotion. The only thing thats different at night is that I apply my Epiduo acne medication and sometimes I use the Eryacne along side. 

Are you confident to go without makeup? 
My skin is really bad so I'm definitely not confident to go out without face makeup and would prefer to have some foundation on. Maybe when my skin gets a tad better, i will become more confident :(

Hair ♥

Favourite Hair Product? 
TRESemmé heat protectant just because it smells really nice ._.

First day hair or second day hair? 
First day hair definitely because after one day my hair gets really oily :( I envy those that can go for days before their hair gets a tad oilier than usual. I feel like i strip so must moisture from my hair when i was my hair daily >~< 

How many times have you dyed your hair? 
Twice at a salon and three times with box dye so five times! Planning to redye it a bit lighter after I finish my exams! 

Fashion ♥

Neutral or Bright Colours?  
I like neutral colours but during the spring I like to bring out the brighter shades of my wardrobe! 

Winter or Summer Fashion?
I really dislike winter as you can tell I literally have no Winter OOTD posts because I hate winter clothes haha! I'm so happy Spring is finally here and summer is coming ^O^~ 

Jeans, Shorts, Skirts or Dresses? 
Dresses all day every day! I'm love dressing up really girly lolol :P 

Hope you guys all enjoyed learning a bit more about me ^_^ I don't know how many people I'm allowed to tag but I'm going to tag Charmaine from Charrmyn, Mindy from Welcome Home & Vanessa from Citron & Guavaberry! Anyone else who reads this can feel free to do this tag as well, can't wait to read your responses! See you all in a month and I have a special post coming up after exams (which my involve formal pictures?) ;) 

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