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A few month's back, I remember watching Bubzbeauty's vlogs and her monthly favourites video's and seeing her rave about how amazing this Annie's Way Arbutin & Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly mask was! YesStyle was kind enough to offer me this product to review on my blog so keep reading to find out my opinion on this product! By the way, YesStyle is currently holding a 10% off sales on all Annie's Way products up until the 2nd of October, so be sure to check that out! 

Brand: Annie's Way 
Name: Arbutin + Hyularonic Acid Brightening Jelly mask 
Price: $24.90 
Weight: 250mL 
Shade: - 
Where to purchase: YesStyle 
Description: "Revitalizing jelly masks treat skin to continuous moisture combined with a whitening effect to minimize dark spots and even out skin tone for a fair and translucent complexion. For a weekly pampering session, spread a dollop of mask evenly on cleansed and toned face and leave on for 30 minutes before scraping off. Wipe face with tissue after removing mask and rinse thoroughly with water." -YesStyle

Just a bit of background knowledge of this product if you didn't know, Annie's Way is a taiwanese brand that was founded in 2009. Their jelly masks are one of their signature products & all use very natural and effective ingredients to address many skin concerns. 

As you can see there are 6 different jelly masks that you can choose from that address different types of skin concerns and since my skin suffers from acne & scarring, I decided to try the blue one which mainly aims to: 
  • Whiten - The active ingredient of Arbutin in this mask aims to help whiten the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin which is what gives our skin, our colour. 
  • Moisturise - Hyaluronic acid may sound scary because of the 'acid' but this ingredient is actually very beneficial for the skin because it has anti-irritant, anti-inflammatory & hydrating properties which helps to plump up the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
The one thing I noticed when I received this product was how big it was! The tub is very big & contains 250mL of the jelly. It is obviously not the ideal size for travelling purposes but you get your money's worth because as I mentioned above, this actually costs around $25 which may sounds pricey but considering that the size is so big, it's reasonable. I haven't seen this product around when I was in Hong Kong so I don't know if this is cheaper overseas. 

YesStyle is a very reliable and trustworthy online store & I would highly recommend you to purchase from them because their service is great but if you do happen to purchase this product from another seller or somewhere else, make sure that it has the seal void sticker to ensure that it's real & not a counterfeit. This product has very simple packaging and a whole list of ingredients on the back if you need to check for ingredients that you are allergic to or are very conscious of the things that you put on your face. The mask is clear and when you shake it, it literally wobbles like a jelly and when you scoop it out, the texture is very gooey and also really thick. It is recommended that you layer around 0.3mm - 0.5mm of product on your face for optimum results. Oh and i forgot to mention that when you purchase any of these jelly masks they give you a free spatula so you don't have to worry about contaminating the products inside the tub. 

With most Korean masks that I've tried, I find that they have very strong scents but with this Taiwanese Jelly mask, the scent isn't very noticeable unless you purposely try and sniff the product - and when you do, it kind of smells a bit plastic like. It's not the most pleasant smell but like I said it's not very strong & you might not even notice it. When you apply this mask on your face, it instantly gives a very cooling sensation & it feels soo good! I have very sensitive skin & so even though it's recommended to wear this mask for around 30 minutes, I remove it after 15 minutes otherwise my face starts to get a bit itchy. When removing the mask, you have to use the spatula to scrape off the thick layer of jelly because if you don't, you're going to have a really hard time removing it with just plain water. Many people who have used this say that when they scrape the excess jelly off, they scape off blackheads & whiteheads as well, but for me, that didn't really happen. My skin appeared a bit red after scraping it but after you rinse it off with water and put some moisturiser on, it will start to fade away. 

Onto the results, which is probably the part that everyone's anticipating the most! When I first tried this on my arm to see if I had any allergic reactions, after 15 minutes, I was so shocked because after washing the jelly off, that particular patch of skin was noticeably whiter than the surrounding skin & very very soft! However, when I used this mask on my face I didn't see the significant difference in the colour of my skin & it didn't really help with fading my acne scars. The one thing that I was really impressed with was the hydrating properties. My face is usually really dry around my cheeks but after using this, it felt a lot softer and when I smiled, my skin didn't feel tight, instead it felt very hydrated & refreshed. 

Verdict ♥

Packaging:  ♥  ♥ 
 / 5 
The packaging is okay, it's very simple but the thing I dislike is the size. I find that the tub is very bulky & definitely not what I would classify travel friendly. If you wanted to bring this mask with you on holidays, you'd probably be better off transfering this into a smaller container to be more convenient.

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
/ 5  
The price may seem expensive as I said before, but the amount of product that's in the tubs kind of justifies the price. There's 250mL of product and this can last you a good few months before you'll need to buy yourself another one. 

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
I'm kind of dissapointed that it didn't really help with the black head issue that I have on my nose & also, it was a shame that the whitening effects didn't really work on my face even though the results were phenomenal when I trialed it on my arms. However, on the plus side, I enjoy the hydrating properties of this mask and I love how refreshing it feels to apply this jelly on my face. It's a great mask if you have dry skin & feel like pampering yourself. 

  • Hydrating & soothes dryness on the face - great for winter 
  • Doesn't cause my face to break out
  • Feels really refreshing on the skin 
  • Comes with spatula - hygienic 
  • Bulky packaging 
  • Didn't help remove blackheads & not very noticeable whitening effects on the face 
Verdict: ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

Overall, not the best mask that I've tried but if you use it only for the purposes of hydrating, this is the product to go for. If you are interested you can purchase this jelly mask HERE

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