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Hey everyone!! Today I'm going to be reviewing these xoBeauty lashes that I purchased awhile ago! If you guys don't know, xoBeauty is the brand that Shaaanxo created and she's a New Zealand YouTuber that I really love to watch!! I always see these lashes being used in her tutorials but I never actually thought I'd ever buy them.

Date Ordered: Thursday 3rd July 2014
Package Shipped: Monday 7th July 2014
Package Arrived: Monday 21st July 2014
Total Days: 18 days
The shipping took a bit longer than I expected because New Zealand is close to Australia so I thought it would just take a week but after checking the website it says International shipping takes 7-40 says so 18 days is actually quite reasonable!

Brand: xoBeauty
Name: Wanderlust Lashes
Price: $6.99 NZD 
Weight: -
Shade: -
Where to purchase: xoBeautyshop
Description: "These lashes are the perfect pair for those of you who are after a voluminous, full, lengthly effect! The Wanderlust Lashes will add length, while the criss-cross hairs will give you heaps of volume! These are a longer version of our popular 'The Innocent' lash!" - xoBeauty

Originally I only intended to buy one box of lashes but because shipping was flat rate, I decided to make the most out of it and bought two boxes of lashes instead! These one are called the Wanderlusts and when I saw these online I fell in love with it! There were a few lashes that looked like this such as the 'Romantic' and 'The Soulmate' but I liked how 'Wanderlust' wasn't ridiculously long and the criss cross design made it appear more natural! It's great for everyday wear for those who already naturally have long lashes and want that extra bit of volume but for my short asian stubby lashes, these would be nice to wear occasionally or else it might be a bit too much!

Brand: xoBeauty
Name: The Feline
Price: $6.99 NZD 
Weight: -
Shade: -
Where to purchase: xoBeautyshop
Description: "These, ladies and gents, are called "The Feline". Reow! These beauties are elongated and darkened on the outer edge and give you a purrfect 'cat-eye' effect! They are super winged and curly at the outer end, and also tapered in the inner corner. This means they are still easily wearable, and super comfortable! They are flexible, sexy, and a dream to apply!" - xoBeauty

I would have to say that this is like the most worn lashes by Shaaanxo and was the main reason why I placed this order! I really liked how these lashes looked on her and they appeared really girly and fun! I feel like the Wanderlust lashes are more natural compared to this one because the Feline doesn't have that criss cross design to it! However, I do think these ones are nice to wear if you want to go full out on the lashes to emphasize the outer edges of the eyes!

Demo | Wanderlust lashes ♥

As you can see in the first picture, if you have short lashes like me you'll definitely need to trim the outer edges of the lashes because they're really long and unless you trim them they'll look less natural and make the eyes appear droopy! I thought these lashes weren't that long at the beginning but soon came to realise they actually were because it was actually quite hard to clamp the false and real lashes together with my eyelash curler since the lashes were so long, hence why you can see some of my natural lashes here and there haha!

 Demo | The Feline lashes ♥

I personally really love the Wanderlust lashes because they make my eyes appear bigger and because they're 100% handmade they're super soft and delicate! I've only ever tried Dolly wink and Daiso lashes before, but those can't even compare to the quality of the xoBeauty lashes! These are really soft, flexible and I was literally so shocked at how easy these applied onto my eyes! Usually, the Daiso lashes have pretty stiff bands so you have to use lots of glue to prevent the lashes from popping off but with the xoBeauty lashes because the quality is so good and flexible, it makes it so much easier to apply and doesn't come off as easily! The Feline lashes i'm not a huge fan of, I feel like it's not as natural but people who enjoy the cat eye look might like this!

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
 / 5
The packaging of these lashes aren't that amazing, but it's quite simple and the polka dot makes them look extra cute and fun! Compared to Dolly Wink, it's definitely not as creative but it's not bad.

Price:  ♥ ♥
/ 5
The price for these lashes are quite cheap compared to Dolly Wink lashes and other crazily expensive lashes like Velour but more pricey compared to the Daiso lashes. However, you can use these lashes multiple times because the quality is a lot better than Daiso lashes so it's worth the $7 + shipping. Plus the more you order the cheaper the costs per product because of the flat rate  shipping :)
Performance:  ♥  ♥  ♥
  / 5

These are definitely my current favourite lashes just because I've never used lashes that have such great quality (this is compared to Dolly Wink and Daiso. For those who are using mink lashes from brand like Velour, I can't compare the quality because I personally haven't tried - so that's something to remember). I really like how easily these lashes apply and how flexible the band is! The lashes are also really soft and have the appearance of real lashes so it's really natural. Although I probably would recommend xoBeauty lashes like 'The innocent' (which is very similar to Wanderlust but the lashes are a bit shorter) for those who have short lashes like me because I think they'd look more natural because it's not as long but can still give you that boost of volume!

Overall - 4.3 / 5 


  • Amazing quality
  • Super soft
  • Easy to apply because the band is flexible 
  • Wide range of really nice designed lashes to suit those with long and short lashes
  • Affordable price


  • Lashes like 'The Wanderlust' and 'Feline' might not appear very natural for those with short lashes and may only be suitable for special occasions 
  • For those with short lashes, it's a bit difficult to clamp the real and false lashes together because the lashes are so long (maybe try 'The Innocent')
  • Not really such a con, but those with smaller eyes, these lashes most likely won't fit so you have to have scissors handy for trimming!
Overall, I'm really liking these lashes but they're more suitable for special events like formal (which is pretty much the same as 'prom' in other countries). I might consider buying 'The Innocent' when I get around to doing so because I want lashes that look more natural for everyday use!! I'll be sure to do a review if I do end up buying them~ 

Hope you all enjoyed this review and leave me a comment below if you've ever tried xoBeauty lashes before or if you're planning to try them out any time soon! Also don't forget to hit the follow button on the right side bar and also follow me on my other social media!! 

Until next week, take care everyone! 


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