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Today I'll be reviewing one of Benefit Cosmetics most famous blushes, CORALista and it's been hyped about everywhere so I had to pick it up when I was in Hong Kong! This was my first Benefit box powders and I have been pretty much obsessed ever since :)

Brand: Benefit Cosmetics
Coralista Blush
$28 USD on the website
$51 AUD from Myers
Where to purchase: 
Benefit Cosmetics or Myers Australia if you don't want to purchase online

Description: "
It’s your blush for a tropical flush! This warm coral-pink shade cheers up every skintone in seconds. Includes a soft, natural-bristle brush." - Benefit Cosmetics US

 I've always wanted to try this blush but because it's so expensive in Australia and I've heard that a lot of blushes sold on eBay were fake, I decided to pick it up during my trip to Hong Kong last year. Originally, i went into the Benefit store, wanting to pick up Hoola, which is obviously another product that is super popular, but the lady at the counter suggested for me to buy Coralista instead! Oh and just a tip, if you actually do purchase a box powder online, if it's real, you should be able to easily peel the label off the back but i heard for the counterfeit ones, it's really difficult to peel off.

Anyways, I love the packaging of the Coralista blush, the tropical design and coral and black leopard print is extremely cute and girly! In fact, I'm pretty much in love with all of Benefit's box powders, I've probably said this a million times, but they really do a really good job at designing their products!

 I never used to wear blush before I came across this one, so when I was in Hong Kong the only brushes that i brought along was my foundation brush and eyeshadow brushes. When i purchased this, I was so glad there was a small little brush included because I was worrying about how I was going to apply this to my face. I know many people throw away these brushes that are included in products but i actually really like this particular brush. It's really soft and makes it really easy to apply the blush to the cheeks. I heard from Beautylifemichelle that these brushes were kinda like a dupe for the NARS contouring brush which has been discontinued. 

Swatches ♥

 It seems like the weather never likes me whenever I try to take photos of products for my blog :( I'm so sorry the camera and lighting does not do justice for the colour of this blush. This is seriously the most gorgeous coral colour i've ever seen, it's extremely silky and easy to blend onto the skin. It's also got a slight tinge of shimmer to it. Plus another thing that i absolutely love about this blush is the smell. Omg it has the best fragrance, I don't know how to describe it but it's kind of sweet and floral i guess? If you own this blush, you would know what I'm talking about, or maybe the next time you go to a Benefit counter go and smell it lol because it's that amazing :))

 So if you take your fingers, swirl it around and apply it to your cheeks, it will give a really concentrated gorgeous coral colour and if you use a brush, it will look lighter and much for natural. If you're the type who likes a really natural blush that had just enough colour to make you look more awake and give you that glow, this is the blush for you! I never really liked blush because I didn't like the appearance of bright pink cheeks but this shade is very subtle if you only apply a little bit and makes your cheeks look so pretty! 

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ 
/ 5

I love love love the packaging! Coral and leopard prints just look really cute together and gives a really nice tropical feel. I love it!!!

Price:  ♥ ♥
/ 5 I actually don't remember how much i purchased this blush for in Hong Kong but it was cheaper than Australia but more expensive than America. So either way it was pretty expensive but I guess it was all worth it for a high end blush that does a really good job!

Performance:  ♥  ♥  ♥
/ 5

I could call myself obsessed with this particular blush! I have bought many blushes after this, like Rockateur, Sugarbomb, and some Physicians Formula ones but nothing can compare to the gorgeous coral colour of this blush. I know NARS orgasm is kind of similar but I haven't tried yet, I might in the future but not anytime soon because I'm in love with this one.

Overall - 4 / 5 

  • Pretty, girly packaging
  • Gorgeous colour
  • Pigmented and silky texture
  • Obsessed with the scent 
  • Easy to blend 
  • Comes with a useful brush


  • Expensive
  • Not very long lasting, fades after a few hours
Overall, at the rate I'm using this blush (which is very often), there's still a whole heap of product left and I really don't think i'm going to hit pan soon, BUT when i do, I can definitely see myself repurchasing this because I loveee it ^_^ Might try NARS orgasm too ~~ 

I hope you all enjoyed my review on this blush and leave a comment down below if you love this blush too and have you tried NARS orgasm? I really want to try but i'm scared it won't be as good as this one, leave your suggestions below ^O^ Don't forget to follow me on GFC and other social media platforms! I'll see you all next Saturday for another post!! 

Until then, take care~ 

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