Benefit Gimme Brow Review + Demo ♥

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This week, i actually had time to sit down and write a review about one of my favourite makeup products of the month which is the Benefit's Gimme Brows in Light/Medium. 

Brand: Benefit cosmetics
Name: Gimme Brow
Price: $30 AUD (about 210 HKD because I bought it when i was in HK) 
Weight: 3.0g Net
Shade: Light/Medium
Where to purchase: US Benefit Cosmetics Website or Any Benefit Counters at Myers
Description: "This innovative brush-on fiber gel adheres to skin & hair…creating brows where before there were none. It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping. Available in two shades." - Benefit Website

When i first started wearing makeup, I really didn't care about how my brows look and i didn't really understand the importance of having nicely done eyebrows. It was only until recently, when I went to the Benefit counter to browse around and the lady started to advertise this product to me that i realised how important the brows were as they frame your eyes just like your hair frames the face. I had heard that it was a newly launched product through Facebook a while ago but at that time, I had no interest in buying such an expensive brow product. However, after the lady talked to me for a long time and even did a demo of the product on my brows, I was totally sold and purchased this right away! 

If i remember correctly there should be two shades to choose from and you can find check the shade at the bottom of the box and the circle indicates the actual colour. I thought that I would have to choose medium/deep because my hair colour is a chocolate brownish colour and the Dolly Wink brow mascaras that I was considering buying were in
shade light, and they were really light (the shades that would suit people with blonde hair) so I was a bit worried when the lady said that this shade would fit me. Surprisingly, this colour did match my hair colour and it blends really well with my natural eyebrows. However, because the light/medium shade is quite dark, I don't know if it will match people with really light hair. If you're considering buying this maybe go check out the Benefit Counters and see if you can try it on in case these shades are too dark. 

The Benefits Gimme brows have a really unique brush head and its nothing like i've ever seen before. I've only tried the Etude House Brow mascara but all the other eyebrow mascaras that I've seen (e.g. Dolly Wink, Kate, Maybelline) have a mascara wand that are as long as normal mascaras for the eyes. But this one, is really small, approximately 1cm, and it really allows you to be precise with where you want the brow gel to go and allows you to shape your brows a lot easier because of the size. I think this feature is what makes it such a best seller of the Benefit Brow line and it's what makes it different to all the other brow mascaras in the market. 

Swatch ♥

Here is a swatch of the brow mascara so you can see the colour. I would say it leans more towards a medium shade than a light shade. 

Benefit is so cute, they even added a little pamplet on how to use their brow mascara and suggests products that you can wear to finish the look. 

Demo ♥

I know my eyebrows are no where near perfect but I really wanted to show all of you guys how amazing this eyebrow mascara is. It fills in the brows whilst shaping and volumising them at the same time because it contains gel fibers. Also please excuse my bad skin around my brows :(( 

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ / 5 
I have to admit, the reason that I'm interested in Benefit Cosmetics is because of their super awesome packaging. You can tell they put so much thought into designing each and every one of their products and I love how fancy all their product names are as well ^_^ 
I love the brown colour with the circle patterns around it and because the brow mascara is so small, it's really easy to carry everywhere especially for travelling, now i don't have to bring my brow powders anymore~ All in all i'm in love this packaging. 

Price:  ♥  ♥  / 5 
I was pretty hesitant about the price at first, because I know that I could purchase an Etude House brow mascara for around $8 and the Benefit's brow mascara was more than triple the price. However, now that i know how amazing this product is, I mean I don't mind paying that much for it because i know that the quality is really good but if it was a bit cheaper, I would stock up heaps of these hehe since I use it on a daily basis now. 
But I sure do hope these last for a few months because it is quite pricey if it needs to be replaced regularly - do any of you guys have any suggestions for cheaper versions of this brow mascara? Please do share down below in the comment section, I'd love to know ^_^

Performance:  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥  ♥ / 5
Do i even need to say again how amazing this brow mascara is? Haha, pretty sure most of you guys already get the drift~ Gimme brow gives the most natural finish and gives my brows a much fuller appearance. I also love how it keeps my brows in place for the whole day and it doesn't smudge or budge even if I accidentally rub it. The small brush head makes it really easy to use and work with. The colour is also a perfect match. 


  • Small brush head makes it easy to control and work with
  • Colour payoff is great
  • Gel keeps brows in shape for the whole day
  • Doesn't smudge 
  • Gives off a really natural finish
  • Gives Brows a really full appearance
  • Expensive
  • Limited Colour Range
Anyways, that's enough of me rambling about my favourite brow product! If you guys are considering trying it, definitely go buy it, it might be expensive but it's definitely a product worth investing into. Also, if you guys enjoyed this review please comment down below and FOLLOW ME for more reviews (I follow back) ^_^ I also bought Benefits They're Real Mascara so if you'd like me to do a review on that please tell me down below as well as tell me what your favourite brow product is, so i can check it out too!! 

OH AND ALSO BEFORE I LEAVE, CONGRATULATIONS TO BUBZ FROM BUBZBEAUTY BECAUSE SHE'S PREGNANT, omg ahaaa i don't even know her personally but i'm excited for baby bubz :') 
If you haven't watched the video check it out HERE

Fifi ♥

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