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A few months ago, I uploaded a Maybelline mini haul post and in that haul post it featured this Maybelline Dream pure BB cream! I was meant to upload a review a looong time ago, but I didn't take enough photos, so now that everything's ready i decided to write the review, hehe sorry about the delay ^_^ 

What the BB cream claims: 
Our Dream Pure BB Cream is the 1-step wonder for healthy skin today, clearer skin tomorrow.
Our 8-in-1 skin corrector perfector:
- 2% salicylic acid + vitamins
- Conceals imperfections
- Reduces blemishes
- Calms redness
- Oil free, non-greasy
- Minimises pores
- Adjusts to skin tone- SPF 15

Basically it claims that it is a 8 in 1 product! Which sounds pretty awesome to me!! This is the second BB cream in the Dream line, the other being The Dream Fresh BB cream, which i haven't tried yet. But if you've ever seen in store, its the pink version of this. This BB cream comes in 2 shades (according to the Maybelline Website) ; Light and Medium. The shade that i bought it in was in medium because I find that a lot of BB Creams that I buy are too light for my skin tone making me look really pale and like a ghost :P 
But really, it oxidises during the day so even if its too light for your skin when you first apply it, I'm pretty sure it'll look better throughout the day! 


Compared to Asian branded BB creams, this one definitely isn't the best packaging that I've seen, but for a Western BB cream, Maybelline did a pretty good job! I really like how they used the gradient effect on the bottle, it makes it look sophisticated and i think the blue lid gives the tube a cute touch! It's pretty small in size so it would be a pretty travel friendly product as it can easily fit into your purse or makeup bag! When you buy this BB cream it doesn't come with any plastic packaging or anything to protect it so i'm glad it has the little protector tab on the BB cream so it ensures that no one has used it as a tester in store and that it is completely new when you're using it!

I like how it comes with a protecting tab - ensures that the product is brand new! 

Due to it being in a squeeze tube bottle, it makes it hard to control how much product comes out as compared to the BB creams with a pump. If you're new to using this product you should be careful of squeezing too hard or you may risk getting the BB cream EVERYWHERE. As you can see in the above picture, the very smart me squeezed really hard and got the BB cream all over the opening of the tube. 

Oil Control Test ♥ 

Maybelline BB Cream on Oil Sheet
BB Cream After 4 Hours
To be honest, this BB cream doesn't exactly have the best oil control. After a few hours, I would start seeing a bit of oiliness around my nose area and my T-zone but it doesn't look really disgusting, just a bit more dewy than usual! I guess it's nothing a sheet of blotting paper can't fix :) 

Swatch + Demo ♥ 

Where to Buy + Price? ♥  

I bought this BB cream at my local Priceline when they were having a 50% off Maybelline sales. But i know that you can buy this from Target, Big W, K-mart and the Chemist Warehouse as well! The Chemist Warehouse always has 50% off cosmetics sales so i'd probably buy it from them if i needed a backup! This costed me $7.98 which is a really great price for a BB cream, i don't think you could get any popular Asian branded BB creams for this price! So this is definitely an affordable BB cream for the quality you get!

 Does it live up to its claims?

1. Conceals Imperfections: Yes, this BB cream helps to conceal my acne scars but only up to about medium coverage. You can still see some of the darker blemishes through the BB cream.  
2. Helps protect against the appearance of blemishes: Yep, I have noticed that this BB cream doesn't break me out! It must be because it contains Salicylic acid to protect my skin :) 
3. Oil free, non greasy: This one i don't really agree on, my face definitely looks shiny and oily after a couple of hours wearing this, even with setting powder, the oil some how seeps through :( 
4. Minimises the appearance of pores: Kind of does, but only to a limited extent. I usually use the Etude House Goodbye pore ever to hide my big pores!! 
5. Clarifies my skin's look: Definitely, this BB cream makes my skin looks so good and smooth
6. Conceals Redness: It does help cover up redness on my face, but leaves a white cast along with it as well haha! I guess looking pale is better than looking red :\
7. Hydrates and Smooths: Doesn't really hydrate, I remember using this when i was in Hong Kong when my face was really dry and it clinged onto some of my dry patches. 
8. Complements Skin tone: Only does so after a couple of hours, this medium shade makes me look more pale than usual and i'm about NC25 skin tone. 

The Verdict 


  • Blends Easily 
  • Good and natural coverage
  • Cheap 
  • Easy to travel with 
  • Little goes a long way 
  • Doesn't break me out (even contains salicylic acid to help improve your complexion)
  • Hygienic squeeze tube
  • May seem really pale right after application
  • Makes Face go a bit oily during the day - poor oil control
Packaging: ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
Definitely not the best packaging in the world. Design is very simple, however, i prefer packaging thats more towards the cutesy side like Korean BB creams such as Etude House and Skin79! Tube is quite sturdy though and doesn't leak even when I took it overseas during my holiday! 

Price: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
I think that this BB cream is quite affordable and cheap considering that I bought this during a 50% off sales so it only costed around $8, however, i would definitely not buy it for the full price. 

Performance: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
This BB cream really surprised me because I honestly did not think it would perform that well!! I wear this BB cream everyday to school and this gives me just the right amount of coverage. It's around light to medium coverage but I'm pretty sure it's buildable. It contains salicylic acid and doesn't break me out even though i wear it daily. Only thing i don't like is that it causes me to look extremely pale when i first apply it, but after an hour, it oxides and looks much better so i guess it isn't a real big problem! It's not that great at oil control but i don't really mind. For those who really care about oil controlling factors, this may not be for you then!
Overall: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 
Would I repurchase: Yes definitely if it's on sale

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