W2beauty Haul ♥

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How is everyone?? I can't believe December is going so fast, Christmas is in 3 days! I wish my 6 week holidays weren't going so quickly because i really don't want to go back to school! A few weeks ago, I received the package that i purchased from W2beauty and I've been meaning to write a blogpost about it but I haven't had the time, so here it is finally! Do you like my GIF? Haha, it's not that great but I pretty much get excited over the most random things :P 

I've previously purchased from W2beauty before, and although the prices of their products are not as cheap as other online stores such as Jolse, I still turn to it because I love the service. Alice is such a nice girl and she's always so happy and cheerful, it makes me want to buy from her all the time! Plus she gives you a lot of free samples and lollies and freebies always make me extremely happy hehe! 

Placed Order On: 30th October 2013 
Processed and Shipped On: 12th November 2013 
Package Received On: 20th November 2013 
Overall Time: 21 days 

Beauty Edition - What's In My Travel Bag? ♥

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Sorry for the late post ^_^ 
Today I'm back with a bit of a different type of post, It's the "What's In My Travel Bag - Beauty Edition". As you all know, I'm only a student, so I don't get to travel very often, but when I do decide to go on a trip overseas or just any kind of holiday really, i like to bring my makeup bag and i thought i'd show you guys what I carry inside it, since it's holiday season! So keep reading if you'd like to know more ^_^

I received this makeup bag as a gift from my aunt when i went to Hong Kong and she bought it for me from Disneyland. It's a really cute Minnie Mouse makeup bag with super adorable frills around the zipper area. I really like how they used Black and gold to make it look really high class and adding the pink for a cute touch. You can probably all tell how much i love this makeup bag. The makeup bag has the most cutest zipper of a pink and gold rose which you can see in the pictures below . What i also love about this makeup bag is that it's made from a glossy material so i don't have to worry if it comes in contact with water because it's waterproof!  
The bag doesn't actually look like it's big but it can carry a lot of products in it. I don't have a photo, but inside the bag, there's also a little slot where you can put your makeup brushes in there if you want to separate them from your other items. 

Review | Daiso False Eyelashes ♥

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We've finally hit December! Only a few more weeks til Christmas YAY! Who else is excited? :P
I have short Asian lashes but I've never felt the need to use false eyelashes because I don't like having such dramatic makeup. I usually just add a few coats mascara and i'm fine with that, even though they don't look extremely long. However, when a new Daiso Store opened up near me, i could resist but to buy these extremely cheap falsies for $2.80! They were practically jumping at me to buy them haha lol not really, but you get what i mean ;P