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We've finally hit December! Only a few more weeks til Christmas YAY! Who else is excited? :P
I have short Asian lashes but I've never felt the need to use false eyelashes because I don't like having such dramatic makeup. I usually just add a few coats mascara and i'm fine with that, even though they don't look extremely long. However, when a new Daiso Store opened up near me, i could resist but to buy these extremely cheap falsies for $2.80! They were practically jumping at me to buy them haha lol not really, but you get what i mean ;P 

I really love their simple packaging, they have a few different varieties of lashes that they sell, but most of them were really dramatic and were really long. I figured if i bought those they would look really fake, because i'm the type of people who like really natural lashes. Anyways, the packaging consists of a combination of black and pink which I think are really pretty colours! Japanese Products are always so cute and never fail to impress my expectations even if it costs so cheap. It comes with one pair of lashes however, glue is not included so you'll probably have to buy your own. They sell glue at Daiso but i like to stick with my Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix in Black because i reckon the quality will probably be better :) At the back of the packet, most of the writing is in Japanese but there's translations underneath so that's great because not everyone can read Japanese - although I'd love to learn!  It states that the false lashes are made from Nylon which means it's animal cruelty free, so you can wear these freely knowing that you're not harming any animals ^_^ 

When you first take the lashes out of the box, it's a bit stiff so you'll have to wiggle it around for awhile so that it becomes more flexible, making it easier for you to apply to your eyes! I really love the design of these lashes because as you all know, the criss cross effects give the most natural look, almost like you're not even wearing falsies! The false eyelashes also have a transparent band so people won't be able to tell the division between your real lashes and the fake ones woo!!

Here is a close up of the false lashes! You can't see the transparent band here because i've already coated it with my Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix in black. I like to apply my falsies with tweezers because you can be more precise on where you want them. 

Demo ♥

I have the false eyelashes on with a few coats of Benefit's They're Real Mascara on (Review coming soon) and you can see that it blends really naturally with my real eyelashes. I actually think i over did my mascara because it looks a bit clumpy in the picture so please excuse that :')  It gives it that extra length and volume without it looking too fake so i'd say that you can wear this everyday if you wish because it's not overly dramatic! I'm pretty impressed with how $2.80 lashes worked on me! 

Verdict: I really loved these false eyelashes, they were very natural looking on the eye and it didn't look too over the top for every day use. They're extremely cheap, but the only thing that i don't like about it is that it's not reusable. I tried to wash it after using the eyelashes once, but whilst i was cleaning it, the lashes kept falling off the transparent band and by the end of the cleaning process, there was basically nothing left to wear for the next time. So i guess in the short term it's cheap but if you want to wear these everyday, it would be quite costly to buy a new pair everyday. For those who wear falsies everyday, i'd probably advise you to invest more on a good pair of natural falsies so that they can last you for a long time! I also don't like how the transparent band may be a bit stiff when you first take it out of the packaging so it may be hard to apply, but if you wriggle it a bit and bend it a few times, the stiffness should not be a problem! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

Thanks for reading my post, please comment below if you've ever tried Daiso lashes before or lashes which you'd recommend me to invest in for long term use! I've heard that Velour lashes are great, but they're a bit on the pricey side, any suggestions?~  Also don't forget to hit the follow button for GFC on the right side bar, I really appreciate the support and plus I'll follow you back for sure (just let me know) ^_^ 

Bye Everyone, have a great week! 


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