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How is everyone?? I can't believe December is going so fast, Christmas is in 3 days! I wish my 6 week holidays weren't going so quickly because i really don't want to go back to school! A few weeks ago, I received the package that i purchased from W2beauty and I've been meaning to write a blogpost about it but I haven't had the time, so here it is finally! Do you like my GIF? Haha, it's not that great but I pretty much get excited over the most random things :P 

I've previously purchased from W2beauty before, and although the prices of their products are not as cheap as other online stores such as Jolse, I still turn to it because I love the service. Alice is such a nice girl and she's always so happy and cheerful, it makes me want to buy from her all the time! Plus she gives you a lot of free samples and lollies and freebies always make me extremely happy hehe! 

Placed Order On: 30th October 2013 
Processed and Shipped On: 12th November 2013 
Package Received On: 20th November 2013 
Overall Time: 21 days 

Last time I ordered from W2beauty, it took lest than two weeks to arrive, but the only reason why there was delay this time was because Alice couldn't find one of the products that I had ordered so I had to order something else and she had to go out to buy it again. Plus she was sick on top of that so it took an extra week, but that's okay because I don't mind waiting an extra week for the package, just so long as it doesn't take more than a month because that's when i get anxious that the package is lost in the mail somewhere! Do any of you guys ever worry that your package will get lost or sent to the wrong place? I always get so anxious, especially if it was an expensive parcel! 

Here is an overview of what was in the package. I basically bought 3 things in total and the rest were all samples that Alice sent me. I was really excited for this package mainly because this was the first time I had purchased an Etude House product. I know it sounds crazy because Etude House is such a popular brand, but I've never gotten around to buying their products because i mainly like to use Dolly Wink and other random brands i find. The three things that i bought included: 

                                                USD: $14.18

                                                USD: $8.11

3. I originally ordered: The Faceshop - Face It Styling Eye Liner No.1 Edge Black however this was out of stock so Alice sent me the Face Shop Styling Auto Gel Eyeliner instead. 

Etude House Goodbye Pore ever Primer Essence

Normally in my makeup routine, I don't really use any primers because most of the time I'm just too lazy to apply it. But when i was online shopping, the packaging of this primer essence reminded me a lot of the Benefits Porefessional Primer and when i searched up the reviews, it seemed like a great cheaper dupe of it so i decided to try it out. I'm a big sucker for the packaging of Etude House products because the colours and designs are just so adorable and cute! So far I've tried this primer out once on my hand and it makes my skin feels so silky and smooth after application yet not oily, which is pretty amazing, i couldn't stop feeling my hand haha! I can't wait to try this on my actual face! Comment down below if you'd like an in depth review for this :) 

The Face Shop: Face It Styling Auto Gel Liner

Because the eyeliner that I wanted was out of stock, I ended up being sent this one instead. I thought this was a pretty cool eyeliner because it's supposed to be gel liner in a pencil form, like awesome right? I've never ever heard of anything like this before until Alice sent this to me. The packaging is really cute and it shows a pot of gel liner pouring into a pencil. I actually wish this was a twistable eyeliner because i hate sharpening pencil liners, however the good news is that this one comes with a detachable mini sharpener on the other end of the liner so that if you're taking this with you during travelling you don't have to bring a separate sharpener because its inbuilt into the product itself. For this eyeliner i found that you need to sharpen it pretty well to get it pointy if you like having thin precise eyeliner. It applies smoothly and really does feel like gel eyeliner but the lasting power is even better :P 


Whenever I go online shopping I like to search for coupons that I can use so I can save some money on my order. I came across someone's $5 affiliate coupon code on a blog and on top of that, I liked w2beauty's Facebook page which automatically gave me an extra $1 discount! However to use that $5 coupon code I had to spend over $30, so I decided to add this to my cart since i was looking for a present for my friend who loves Tony Moly! It's a really cute powder pact which is small and easy to carry in travel makeup bags for touch ups during the day. I'm not sure what it looks like inside because i don't want to give my friend an opened present :P But it's so cute, i might actually consider buying another one for myself hehe :D

That's pretty much it for the Wbeauty haul! Hope you all enjoyed reading :) 
Sorry about the delay of the post, was meant to upload yesterday but didn't have time to edit until now! Please Comment and Follow me, nearly at the 200 followers mark hehe!! ~ 

Love you heaps! 


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