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Sorry for the late post ^_^ 
Today I'm back with a bit of a different type of post, It's the "What's In My Travel Bag - Beauty Edition". As you all know, I'm only a student, so I don't get to travel very often, but when I do decide to go on a trip overseas or just any kind of holiday really, i like to bring my makeup bag and i thought i'd show you guys what I carry inside it, since it's holiday season! So keep reading if you'd like to know more ^_^

I received this makeup bag as a gift from my aunt when i went to Hong Kong and she bought it for me from Disneyland. It's a really cute Minnie Mouse makeup bag with super adorable frills around the zipper area. I really like how they used Black and gold to make it look really high class and adding the pink for a cute touch. You can probably all tell how much i love this makeup bag. The makeup bag has the most cutest zipper of a pink and gold rose which you can see in the pictures below . What i also love about this makeup bag is that it's made from a glossy material so i don't have to worry if it comes in contact with water because it's waterproof!  
The bag doesn't actually look like it's big but it can carry a lot of products in it. I don't have a photo, but inside the bag, there's also a little slot where you can put your makeup brushes in there if you want to separate them from your other items. 

Face Products ♥

The most important thing to do is to create the perfect canvas for you to work with, so I think that the face products are the most important things that I need to bring in my makeup bag. There's really not a lot, 5 products only. I usually like to use powder to set my face but all my powders are too bulky so I wouldn't bother bringing those. Other products like concealer, blushes, bronzer and highlighters, I don't use them very often so I didn't want to waste my luggage space on products that i won't be using every day. I can always buy some overseas, if i'm really in desperate need but as of now, i'd rather leave space for more useful things that i'd definitely use during a trip. 

1. Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream in Medium -  This is my most favourite BB cream of ALL TIMES! I think it's even better than the Asian BB creams that I've tried and that's saying something haha ^_^ . It is the most amazing product ever and I like to use this everyday just to cover up my blemishes and the redness on my face. It does the best job and I will have a review up on this very soon! 
2. Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion - If you guys have ever seen the Cetaphil products, they come in the biggest bottles ever so it's pretty hard to carry those around on an overseas trip so what i like to do is transfer them into a smaller bottle (In the picture, i transferred it into the Innisfree Green Tea Lotion Travel bottle)  so it can fit in my makeup bag and save room in the luggage. The Cetaphil Moisturising lotion is the best lotion for Winter because it helps to soothe dry skin and prevents me from peeling as much during the dryer days :) 
3. Juju Aquamoist Collagen Toner - Again, I transferred the collagen toner into a smaller bottle (Innisfree Green Tea Pure Skin) for travel purposes. If you have seen my review, you would know that i really like this toner and it's great for soothing dry skin as well so when used in a combination with Cetaphil's moisturising lotion, you'll end up with the most hydrated skin for winter! 
4. Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation - I never really liked wearing liquid foundation and i did mention before that i enjoyed using the Maybelline Dream foam foundation but after a long period of using it, I found that it would cling onto the dry areas of my face which isn't pretty at all, so i stopped using that and turned to a liquid foundation instead. I like to use the liquid foundation over a thin layer of BB cream and it gives a really nice flawless finish. I did contemplate whether i should bring this or not because it's made of glass and can be quite heavy, however i decided to bring it anyway because i like the flawless finish i get! 
5. Etude House 'Goodbye Pore ever' Primer - I only recently bought this product and have only used it once, however i like how it smoothed out my skin and made it easier for me to apply my BB cream on. It's a very small tube so it doesn't take up much space in my makeup bag so why not bring it ^_^

Eye Products ♥

1. Dolly Wink Volume Mascara - This mascara gives my little short Asian lashes some length and volume so I like to wear this on a daily basis. It's also very easy to remove so i don't have to worry about losing twenty lashes every single time i try to take my makeup off (I'm joking, i only lose about 3-4 lashes with extremely stubborn mascaras) :P 
2. Missha M Super Extreme Waterproof Eyeliner - I like to bring this eyeliner because it's small and can fit easily into my makeup bag. It can also last all day without smudging... unless i come into contact with water, but i try my best to avoid that :P I obviously wouldn't bring this if i was going on a holiday at the beach though  because it would probably come off right after i go into the water! As an alternative, I'd probably bring my K-palette or Dolly Wink Liquid Liner. 
3. Dolly Wink Eyeshadow Quad 01 Brown - I bought this palette because I saw Bubzbeauty's video on what she brings in her travel bag. Personally, i enjoy using this quad because i can use this for both my eyeshadow and my eyebrows  but if i'm desperate , i could use it as an eyeliner and highlighter as well. I like to use the black eyeshadow to fill in my brows and the dark brown shadow for my eyeshadow all over the lids. So basically this is a multi-purpose product, ideal for travelling. I know most people would bring their Naked Palette, but I currently don't own one, so this little one will do the job. I think i'll buy the Naked Palette soon though, when i find out where to buy it from at a cheap price because currently the only sites that i know that ship to Australia are selling the Naked Palette for like $70 which is like 40% more than the price in the US :\
4. Maybelline Amethyst quad - Other than brown eye shadows i wanted to bring another quad with different  so i had more of a choice. 
5. Koji Eyelash Curler - Definitely need one of these to curl my little lashes, but all those who are blessed with long curly lashes don't need to worry about this! 

Lip Products ♥

I'm not really into the lip products, but I bring a 2-3 because my makeup looks a bit odd if my eyes are really dramatic but nothing on the lips. 

1. Maybelline WaterShine Pure P12 - This is a really nice sheer pink colour, great for everyday look because it won't be too over the top. 
2. Nivea Star Fruits Lip Balm - I just use this as a moisturiser for my lips, i like that it smells really nice and gives my lips a bit of colour but not too dramatic like an actual lipstick. 
3. NYX round lipstick in Louisiana - This is one of the new lipsticks that i bought, it's kind of like the Maybelline Lipstick but not as sheer, it's more pigmented and more glossy. 
4. NYX round lipstick in Femme - I like to bring this lipstick just in case i need to go to a party or somewhere formal. It's a bright red lipstick so i use it for days i need to look more dramatic basically. 

Makeup Brushes ♥

Most of the time, I like to just use my hands to apply my makeup because I just get extremely lazy. But sometimes, with brushes i can get a more even finish, so i just like to bring 4 brushes and mostly dual ended so i can save space! 

1. Bubbi HD Flawless - When I first used this brush, i really didn't like it, but after using it for awhile now, it gives me a really flawless finish for my foundation. In the Bubbi brush set, it came with brush guards so I can protect the bristles for when I go travelling. 
2. Bubbi Dual Cover - I bring this brush as a back up foundation brush because some days i don't feel like using the HD flawless brush so i use this one instead, which gives me a flawless finish for my foundation as well. I like to use the little side for applying foundation in hard to reach areas like around my nose,. 
3. Australis Angled Eyeliner Brush - I like to use this brush for filling in my brows and i can use this to apply the white shadow in the inner corner of my eyes to brighten it up
4. Bubbi Dual Eye Brush - I bring this brush to apply eye shadow, the smaller end to apply colour all over the lid and the fluffy end to blend! 

That's basically all i bring. Thanks everyone for reading this post and hope this was helpful for those who are lucky and are going on holidays soon! I'll see you all next Saturday for another new post ^_^ In the meanwhile, please Follow and Comment if you enjoyed reading my post :) 

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