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After a month of being lazy and not really having any motivation to beauty blog or post on my other social media platforms, I realised it's time to update. I remember that in my Hong Kong 2015 haul post I promised many reviews for a lot of the products that I purchased. Today i will be doing a review on the Dr Mascara Fixer because it is by far one of my favourite purchases of the year so far!! So continue reading if you would like to know more about it! 

Brand: Etude House
Name: Dr Mascara Fixer
Price: $6.59 USD
Weight: 6mL
Shade: 01 Perfect Lash
Where to purchase: Cosmetic-Love
 Description: "Etude Hosue Dr.Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash 6ml This transparent fixing gel mascara offers perfect curl / volume / waterproof fix in any environment and climate. Infused with Black Food extracts to condition lashes" - Cosmetic-Love

Because I'm Asian and have almost no lashes whatsoever, i need as many products as I can to help boost them so i appear like i have something. When I was doing my shopping in Etude House Hong Kong, I thought this looked really cool. This mascara fixer is basically a primer for the lashes and comes in a regular looking mascara tube. It promises to give Volume, Curl Fix & Coating Fix for the perfect lashes. Apparently it also contains 'Black Food' (whatever that is...) that nourishes the lashes which is another plus because I don't know if it's just me or whenever I remove mascara I also lose like ten lashes :'( But I noticed that after using this mascara fixer, even when I put on extremely stubborn & hard to remove mascara, I don't lose any lashes which I absolutely love about this product!

I was also doing some research on this product online and realised that Etude House has two versions of this Mascara Fixer. The one that i bought is the Mascara fixer for 'perfect lashes' but if you want even more volume & longer lashes you can try their Mascara fixer for super long lashes which is pretty much the same except contains extra micro black fibers to help oomph up the lashes :) 

I usually like to curl my lashes and apply about 2 coats of this mascara fixer onto my lashes. It has a gel kind of consistency and looks a bit white on the lashes. Then i leave it to dry a bit before going over with a few coats of regular mascara. I find that this works extraordinarily well with the Etude House Lash perm mascara. Like it literally makes my lashes super SUPER long and thick. However, at the end of the day it's also really hard to remove so now I kind of just like to use this with my fairy drops mascara which also gives lots of volume & is more easily removable (although now I am running low on the Fairy Drops mascara so I'm kind of trying to use it less often so it lasts longer!?) 

After using this fixer, I've noticed that it holds onto my curls for a lot longer and it prevents my mascara's from flaking or smudging off! I'm really loving it so I definitely will repurchase this when I finish it. 

Swatch ♥

Verdict ♥
Packaging:  ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 
When i was looking online I found out that the Mascara fixer used to have pink packaging which I thought was really pretty. Now it's just plain white which gives quite a nice & clean look. It basically looks like a typical mascara tube so nothing too special. 

Price:  ♥ ♥ 
♥ ♥ / 5  
This mascara fixer is so sooo affordable, I should've bought like 10 of these when I was back in Hong Kong! So if you're looking for a cheap mascara primer this is seriously the one! 

Performance:  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥   / 5 
I'm so happy with the results of this mascara primer. It helps to prep my lashes so that when I apply normal mascara it's a lot more longer and voluminous. Also it helps to hold my curls from the beginning of the day until I get home at the end of the day! 

  • Super Affordable
  • Excellent results
  • Holds Curls
  • Preps lashes so they look longer and more voluminous
  • Nourishes lashes
  • Prevents lash loss 
  • None 
So as you can tell I'm really impressed with this mascara fixer and I would recommend this for everyone to try! I hope this review was helpful, sorry for not writing one in so long (since November '14 woops...)!! I'll try my best to get more reviews up but with uni coming up in two days I'm kind of scared I won't have time anymore :( Don't forget to leave me a comment down below and follow me on GFC & other social media platforms (Ig: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee)! Thank you :))))

Anyways hope you all have a fantastic week and good luck to everyone who is starting Uni this Monday!! If you're going to USYD I guess I'll see you around haha! :) 

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