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Hiii Everyone!!!! 

Happy Belated Valentines Day!!! Hope you guys all had a lovely day last Saturday whether it was spent with your man (/girl -- if you're a guy reading this post lol) or your friends & family (*Hi-5 single lady sistas*) . It was actually my birthday last Saturday so I decided to spend the day with my friends & have brunch at the Swissotel high tea buffet -- which is apparently one of the best high teas in Sydney. Even though the session started at 2pm, my friends and I got the city earlier so we could sit down somewhere and just chill until the high tea began. We headed to the Observatory hill (#1 place to visit to enjoy Sydney scenery!) which is just a 10 minute walk from the Wynyard station. 

Sadly, the weather was quite gloomy last Saturday but it didn't stop me from taking lots of photos of the beautiful scenery! From the Hill, you could easily spot the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park on the other side! It was really pretty and surprisingly not a very crowded place - definitely a place you'd want to visit if you ever come to Sydney. There are a few tourists there and other people who come to picnic with the nice view. 

As you can see, it's also a very popular place for couples to take their wedding photos. My friends and I kinda just stared in awe because of her gorgeous dress! I think it would be super romantic to have a wedding shoot on Valentines Day! 

Here are some rare pictures of me on my blog haha! I love me some polaroid pictures so we took a few & although it didn't develop very well, I still really like how they turned out. One day I will be back to that hill when the weather is nicer so I can take more pictures hehe :P For my outfit I just went with a crop top that I bought from Supre and a black pencil skirt! 

Swissôtel High Tea Lunch ♥ 

This was my first time going to the Swissôtel high tea buffet. It's located near Sydney Westfields so it was pretty easy to find. The high tea is situated in the Crossroads Bar on level 8 and costs $79/person. The seats are really pretty and if you arrive earlier, you may be lucky enough to get a table near the window where you can enjoy the view of Sydney. However because me and my friends went in a group of 4 we were placed somewhere else. The food selection was actually pretty minimal for the price you pay but we still enjoyed it regardless. There were a few varieties of sandwiches, quiches & sausage rolls in the savoury section and there were cakes, macarons, profiteroles, scones, lamingtons & puddings in the sweets section. On arrival we were also got a complimentary berry cocktail each -- which you can change to a mocktail if you're underage or prefer not to have alcohol in your drink. It's basically like a mixed berry juice with vodka in it! It tasted pretty nice in the beginning but as we ate sweets it got kind of bitter >_< 

My favourite thing out of the whole high tea has to be the sausage rolls, the chocolate mudcake & the mango sago, so if you ever go to Swissôtel, definitely try those 3 things out!!! Overall i would recommend the high tea buffet because the food is quite nice. But if you're not a buffet kind of person and would just rather stay at your table, Swissôtel also has the traditional high teas with the fancy high tea stand for a cheaper price at Crrossroads bar as well -- so something worth checking out ^_^!

I received quite a few gifts from friends and family this year but this was by far my favourite present out of everything (besides the new vanity table that i got^_^). I've been nagging my sister to get me a pandora since my trip to Hong Kong but I didn't really think that she would get it for me. However a few weeks before my birthday she surprised me with the pandora charms and the bracelet!! I love it so much and I think the charms are really cute and meaningful ('18th' charm because it's my 18th, the 'cow' charm because I was born in the Lunar Year of the Cow & the heart and lock because my birthday is on Valentine's Day!). I'm hoping to buy a few more charms this year, I've got my eyes on a few spacer charms, clips & safety chains!! Do any of you guys have a Pandora?? I wish i could buy every single charm that exists in that store but they're waaay too expensive sadly ;( 

So hope you guys enjoyed this post about my birthday! 

What did you guys do on your 18th? or what are you planning to do when you're 18? I'm curious to know so leave me a comment below!!

 I should've asked earlier because it took me forever to think of something to do :P Oh btw HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to all my fellow asian readers out there^_^~ & Have a fantastic week everyone! I'll see you again in my next post :) 

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