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It's seriously been soo sooooo long since I've done a haul post!! I hardly ever do like huge hauls anymore because I kind of just buy things I really need these days. But a few weeks ago i decided to splurge on a few products (excuse = exam stress) that I've been wanting to try for a really long time, so hope you guys enjoy this post! 

I'm not sure if you've heard of theFantasia before, but it's a blog run my Stephanie and recently I found out that she was having a blog sale. I usually don't buy products from blog sales because I don't really like buying products that other people have used. However, it seemed like she was trying to clean out her makeup stash so she was selling many unused products at really cheap prices too!! For all the Australian readers, you should definitely check it out because you can buy many new products from brands that you can't find in Australia for great prices! 

The Naked Basics Palette - $25

So Australia's first Sephora is opening up in a month but obviously I was too impatient to wait until then to get my hands on the Naked Basics Palette. When I saw this on Stephanie's blog sale I got so excited - like you don't even understand - because she was selling this for really really cheap! I previously had owned the Naked 3 Palette but I'm not a huge fan of the colours but I decided to Naked Basics a chance because one of my friends had been raving about it. When I received the package, the colours were quite nice but not colours that really suited me. 

NARS Orgasm & Laguna Duo - $20

The other product that I bought from Stephanie's blog sale was this NARS orgasm and laguna blush & bronzer duo. If you have never heard of NARS orgasm/laguna you must be living under a rock. I think like almost every beauty blogger owns at least one of these blushes. Orgasm is a super gorgeous pink colour with a bit of sheen. Many people say that it's similar to Benefit's Coralista but I feel like they're two very different colours because Orgasm is less corally. Laguna I'm a bit 'meh' about because I'm not a huuuge fan of bronzers so my expectations aren't that high. 

Physician's Formula Natural Nude Palette

This Physician's Formula Palette was sent to me from Kim Kine's giveaway and I was super excited when I received this! It's really awesome palette because the palette is made up of little rectangles of different shades (reminds me of a chocolate bar lol!) and you can use this either as a bronzer, blush, eyeshadow or a highlighter. You can use each little rectangle of colour individually or you can swirl it around to create a mix of colours!! Pretty awesome right! I really like this palette!

Maybelline Color Elixir Color Sensational Creamy Lip Lacquer - $8.95

I can never have self control when I see that Priceline has a 50% sale on their makeup ranges. This particular time, for some reason I was able to manage to control myself a bit and walked out with one lipgloss from Maybelline's new Elixir range. I was really obsessed with the packaging because it's really petite and I love how it looks like a lipstick in a case hehe. It was actually so hard to just choose one colour because all the shades in this range were really pretty. This lip lacquer is really pigmented and feels quite heavy on the lips. But the downside is that the smell and taste really got to me when I put this on my lips when I got home. It's a really strong smell and if you accidently lick your lips it's the grossest thing ever. So sadly this is just currently sitting in my makeup collection untouched because I can't stand the taste/smell :( When i searched reviews up on this product it seems like no one else has this problem ._.!! 

Swarovski Butterfly Necklace - $49

Ahhh MY FAVOURITE PURCHASE OF THE MONTH!!! I know that chokers have been trending for the longest time ever now and I really wanted to get myself one that I could wear daily. I thought about buying cheap ones from eBay but when I walked into Swarovski, I instantly fell in love with the butterfly pendant. Its made up of lots of jewels and because it's a black necklace instead of a silver necklace, it's easier to wear with casual wear and everyday looks. What's even better was that it was half price so i bought this baby for only $49!!! It's so pretty :)) 

And that concludes my haul!! Hope you all enjoyed reading this and please leave me a comment below telling me which product you liked the most out of my haul and what post you would like to see next! And until next Saturday, take care everyone!! Oh and in the mean time, you can feel free to follow me on GFC, Instagram (@Beautifyinglifee) or Twitter (@Beautifylifee)!! Would love it if you supported me on my social media ^_^ LOVE YOU ALL!! 

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