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I remember that the first post that I had ever written up for this blog was about my nails. However ever since then, I hadn't made another nail design blog post because i hardly ever paint my nails due to school and working as waitress in the past year!

Occasionally, I see Bubzbeauty post nail tutorials pop up on my subscription feed and I always fall in love with her nail tutorials because they appear really simple, the designs are really girly & pretty and she guarantees that no special nail tools are required. The first time I posted about Nails, it was my attempt at her 'Easy Vintage Floral Nails' which you can check out HERE! This time, I made an attempt at the 'Polka Dot Frilly Nails' because I'm a huge fan of pastel colours and polka dots :P 

This nail design is actually really simple to achieve except for the frilly bits that were really hard to create with my non dominant hand (hence why there's no photos of my other hand because it looked like a complete fail LOL). I'm a really impatient person when it comes to nails and I really don't like waiting for the layers to dry which is why you can see some of the polka dots are smudged and the frills aren't perfect :P Also in Bubz's video she used a combination of purple, pink and mint but because I didn't have a nice hot pink nail polish like her, I just stuck with using two alternating colours. 

Here's the four nail polishes that I used to create this design and you can feel free to use different colours or whatever brands of nail polish you have! And I've linked the tutorial by Bubzbeauty below! Hope you guys enjoyed this post and definitely try out this extremely cute nail design on yourself! I can guarantee you'll love it! :) 

Please tell me below whether or not you like these nail posts and if so, i'll try and post these more regularly!! Love you all and thank you for reading my blog post everyone! ♥ Have a fabulous week! 

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