Top 3 Hydrating Lipcare products | Winter 2018 ♥

I have to say out of everything on my face, I am most guilty of neglecting my lips. Somehow I can put on a full face of foundation, brows, eyeshadow, eyeliner, blush and bronzer but for some reason walk out of the house without anything on my lips. It's just always forgotten about - however, this winter has been especially dry and my lips have NOT been coping well! I work at a makeup store so I always need to have some sort of lipstick on. Generally, I opt for a lip gloss or even a lip tint but that's only because my lips can't handle the dryness of liquid lipsticks and even normal lipsticks. This was the moment when I decided to invest more into lip care products and today I will be sharing my top 3 out of everything I've tried this winter! 

1. Eve Lom Kiss Mix 7mL (RRP $31 AUD)

This was actually a really spontaneous purchase that I recently made. I was actually at Mecca and was trying on a lipstick but no matter what I put on my lips, it just kept peeling and it was just not a good look! My friend recommended me to try the Eve Lom Kiss Mix which is a lip balm she swears by. The minute I put this on, I could really feel a difference immediately, it helped to soothe my lips and got rid of my dryness. I was sold straight away! 

The Kiss Mix contains menthol which gives an immediate cooling effect on the lips when you apply it and also contains zinc oxide to help protect the lips from the sun (which is what causes aging!!!). It is a product that can be used on its own, under lipstick or even on top as a glossy topper. The Kiss Mix comes in the original formula and also has three coloured versions that works as a tint. I have to say this is my number one choice if you ask me what my favourite lip balm is at the moment because it honestly works so well and if you need that immediate smoothing effect without the mess of exfoliation, this is the one to go for. The only downside is that it can be unhygienic because you have to keep dipping your fingers into the post and also the price. It is quite expensive for a lip balm but worth the investment and hopefully one day they'll make a version of the same formula in a stick form!

You can purchase this at your local Mecca stores or online

2. Nivea Pure & Natural in Milk and Honey* (RRP $4.49 AUD)

Nivea lip balms have been a product that I have been using for years now. It is a product that my mum absolutely loves and so it has grown on me as well over time. Her favourite is the essential care (the dark blue cap) however, after trying a few from the range, I personally love the Milk and Honey version. This particular range is really great because they're all made up of natural ingredients and free from preservatives which means you will only ever be putting goodness onto your lips (no nasties included!!). The Milk and Honey lip balm contains milk, honey (obviously) and also shea butter to help soften and provide long lasting moisture to the lips. I also love how it's in a twisty tube that makes it easy to carry around and apply without having messy fingers. This is a must in my everyday makeup bag and would recommend this to everyone because it's so moisturising and affordable too!

You can purchase the Nivea lip balm range at your local Priceline

3. Lanolips 101 ointment multibalm in Peach (RRP $14.99 AUD)

Lucky last! This one I bought on sale during the massive half price sale at Priceline a couple of weeks ago. Intrigued by a lip balm being made of lanolin which is extracted from the wool of sheep, I decided to give this a go. This is an all natural lip balm that is meant to be a multipurpose product that you can use not only on your lips but also on dry skin patches and cuticles. Almost similar to vaseline but more natural! I really love this product because it has the vitamin E in it to moisturise the lips and also peach extracts so it smells divine! It has a slant nib applicator so you can apply it directly to your lips but I recommend to warm the product with your finger before you use it because especially in winter, the product gets quite hard due to the coldness so warming it up will aid with the application. This lip balm feels a little bit thicker than the previous two so ideal for people with extreme dryness. 

Similar to the Eve Lom Kiss Mix, it also comes in three coloured tints if you want the moisture and also some colour. 

You can purchase the Lanolips range at your local Priceline or Mecca Maxima stores


That's it to my review for today. Hope you enjoyed reading and learnt something new :) 
Feel free to let me know what your favourite lip products are down below so I can give it a try. 

*Product sent for consideration. All opinions are my own. 


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