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Hi everyone! 

Welcome to my first post of the year! I know it's been awhile and I've been MIA mostly because of heavy workload at uni for the entire semester. I'm finally on holidays now which means I can try and get some posts up and running on my much neglected blog! :) So since my visit to HK at the beginning of the year, I haven't gotten my hair cut and it's been getting pretty long and dry. So I decided to go get my hair cut since I finally have some time. My friend at uni had recently gotten her hair cut and it looked really good so I asked her where she got it done since I've been constantly on the search for a good hair salon for asian hair in Sydney. She told me it was called Modern J Hair Cafe located in Town Hall which was convenient because that's like CBD Sydney. 

I payed a visit on a Wednesday afternoon and it was really close to the Town Hall Station - about a 3 minute walk down the road from the city Chef's Gallery. Surprisingly, it wasn't too busy, there was only two people getting their hair done when I arrived. Modern J Hair Cafe offers manicures and nail services too which is what I noticed when I first walked into the store. On the right, was where the hairdressing was located. A kind staff member asked how they could help me and I asked for a simple wash, cut and dry. 

I was served by a lady called Yilaine and whilst she was washing my hair she noticed that I had really dry and damaged hair so she recommended me a hair package that included wash, cut, blowdry and also a hair treatment for $75. I quickly took the offer as I was really looking for a way to revive my dead hair! She took her time to make sure that the hair treatment was massaged into every strand of hair before she put the hair steamer on for the treatment to sink in for about 10-15minutes. Every visit to this salon is eligible for a complimentary drink which I thought was really cute. You could either choose a cold or hot drink. 

After the treatment was done, Yilaine helped me wash the treatment off and then went onto the hair cut. Even though I only asked for a simple trim and fringe styled Yilaine was really patient and took her time to cut my hair. She knew exactly what I wanted and helped me cut and thin my hair in the most natural way. The whole hair cutting process took about 30 minutes and I was extremely happy with the results! My head felt a lot lighter and my hair was more rejuvenated after cutting all the split ends off!

When you visit Modern J Hair Cafe, you get a customer loyalty card and for every time you visit you can get a stamp. Once you get a certain amount of stamps you are eligible for a free service e.g. 5 stamps gives you a free fringe cut! I've never been so happy with my hair results at a Sydney salon and I'm definitely going to go back to visit Yilaine for another haircut. I saw a girl get her hair balayaged today and it looked really amazing as well so I might consider that for next time. All in all, I would definitely recommend everyone to try out Modern J Hair Cafe and it's no wonder they are ranked so high on Google for the best hair salons in Sydney!! 

Modern J Hair Cafe List of Services

Modern J Hair Cafe Sydney 
Address: Shop125/75 Bathurst street 2000 Sydney, Australia
Contact Number: (02) 8040 6275

Opening Hours: 
Mon-Thurs: 11am-8pm 
Fri-Sat: 11am-9pm
Sun: 11am-7pm


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