ETUDE HOUSE | 2016 Nutcracker Holiday Collection

Now that it's December it means that a lot of brands will be coming out with their 2016 Holiday limited edition collections. ETUDE HOUSE, being known for their super cute packaging and designs, have come out with a 2016 'My Little Nut' Nutcracker collection which is rose gold themed and super cute. Here I have a sample of a few products but if you check out the entire collection they actually have more things that you may be interested in so head on over to the Official ETUDE HOUSE website if you're interested in seeing more. 

US $15.12 

Of course, I start off by presenting to you the eyeshadow palette of the Nutcracker Collection. It's a super cute 6 colour shadow palette that is the perfect size for travelling. It consists of wearable shades for the holiday season coming up including matte browns and some shimmery pinkish coral shades. As a product of ETUDE HOUSE, this palette is affordable and the quality is great. Very blendable and you can definitely create a range of looks from these 6 colours. If pink isn't your kind of thing, they have another edition of the same palette (#Wish Blue Little Nut) but with brown and blue shades if you're a winter wonderland baby.

US $11.34

You can't complete a holidays makeup look without rocking a bright lipstick. ETUDE HOUSE's My Little Nut Collection has got you covered with seven lipsticks in this collection. The one that I received was the hot pink shade that looks perfect for a bold look if you're not a fan of red. I really love the packaging of this lipstick compared to their other collections because of the metallic rose gold lid with pink embroidery designs. The colour of the tube is different for every shade in the collection which i think is really cute and unique. I also love how innovative Etude House products are now because you are able to buy shades and mix them together to create your own. 

As always, the quality of the lipstick is fantastic. The colour payoff is great and opaque. The lipstick itself contains three main ingredients - Apricot Seed Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, Honey Extract, that make it moisturising and perfect for people with dry lips (like myself!!). However, it's not that long lasting (which I don't expect from a regular lipstick anyway) but just keep in mind that you'll probably have to reapply this this during the day if you're planning to go out for a long time and eating (which you'll be doing a LOT o during festive season...right?). 

US $8.19

Next, is the Lucky Cheak Beam which is a liquid highlighter. It comes in two shades as you can see in the picture. One is more of a highlighter whilst the one i have, which is in #Coconut Coral is more of a blusher with a highlighting effect. The packaging and colour really reminds me of the Benefit High Beam but the shade is like the Coralista Blush.

It's a gorgeous shade for the festive season, blendable and quite natural if you apply the right amount. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of liquid blushes/highlighters just because I find that they are harder to control than powder. However, if you do enjoy using liquid highlighters/blushes I'm sure you'll love this product because the colour payoff is great! 

US $8.82 

Now onto the Play 101 pencils. I've introduced the Play 101 pencils previously in my other blog posts but in case you aren't familiar with them, they are basically one of ETUDE HOUSE's collection of pencils that offer a wide range of colours. They are pencils that are super versatile that can be used as eyeliners, lipliners, eyeshadow, blush, eyebrow pencils etc all in one (depending what shade you get) ! As part of their Christmas collection they've packaged them with adorable little soldiers on the outside. These play 101 pencils require you to twist them to dispense product and you need to sharpen them when they become blunt. The colour I got is a gorgeous shimmery pinkish peral shade. 

It can be used as an eyeshadow wash for all over the lid colour but I think it's perfect for highlighting the Aegyo Sal area to brighten the eyes and make them appear rounder and more youthful. It's extremely blendable and you can probably use it to highlight the nose and cheekbones as well if you don't mind the shimmer. 

This particular Play 101 pencil (My little nut edition) comes in two other shades including #27 which is a hazelnut pearl shade and also #28 which is a deep brown shade. 

US $7.02

The other Play 101 pencil that I received was an eyeliner in #85. This type of Play 101 pencil is much thinner than #26 and it's a gel liner in a twistable tube. #85 is a brownish black shade and although I like the idea of this pencil, i find it difficult to get a precise sharp line with gel liners (without using a brush). So if you like to usually wing your eyeliner this might not be the product for you. However I would probably use this for my waterline instead because it doesn't require as much precision. 

This pencil comes in one other shade, #86 which is a navy blue shade. 

Lastly, if you purchase the ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nut Holiday Eyes Kit which consist of a mascara and the eyeshadow palette, you receive this limited edition pouch. The brushes aren't included in the gift but I also received this in the pink bird box (can't seem to find these on the ETUDE HOUSE website but please tell me if you do!). These two eyeshadow brushes are so cute with the pink and rose gold handles. The bristles are really soft and great for applying and blending out the eyeshadows. 


So that's it to my introduction of the ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nut Christmas Limited Edition products. There's actually a lot more to the collection such as foundation cushions, mascaras, perfume, lip balms. You can check all of these out on the Official ETUDE HOUSE website. Hope you enjoyed reading more about these products. 

I actually can't believe there's only ten days until Christmas! Hope you all have a fabulous rest of the week preparing for the festive seasons and Happy holidays if I don't post again before then :) 

Which product do you want to try the most out of the entire ETUDE HOUSE My Little Nut Christmas Collection? Leave me a comment down below!

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