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Hi everyone! I'm super excited to announce that I'm officially an ETUDE HOUSE Pink Bird Blogger! For those who don't know what that is, it's basically a six month program by ETUDE HOUSE where they send you products to review in a cute box every month. I've seen many Pink Bird Bloggers before but I never actually thought that I'd become one of them one day. So a few weeks ago, I received my first pink box (which wasn't actually pink like i though lol) and I'll be reviewing what I got in this July box.

This month is all about ETUDE HOUSE'S new Play 101 Blending Pencils. From my knowledge, ETUDE HOUSE already have a range of Play 101 pencils which come in 50 shades and are a favourite for many because they're really versatile - they can be an eyeliner, lip liner or blush all in 1! This time, they have released a new line which comes in 25 shades, can be used for the eyes, cheeks and lips and are also a bit more chubby in size than the regular 101 pencils. 

They currently retail on the Official ETUDE HOUSE website for US $6.86. They come in four types of textures ranging from Jewel, Creamy, Velvet & Jelly depending on which shade you choose and they all serve different purposes. All of the pencils come in a twistable tube and you can sharpen it when it becomes blunt.  

In the Pink Bird Box I was given 2 shades out of the 25 in the collection - #20 and #5.

Swatches - ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencil #20 

Let's talk about #20 first which I originally thought was a true red shade when I opened twisted the product out. However, after swatching it, it was actually an orangey-red shade. #20 is part of the velvet collection and so the texture of the pencil was really soft and smooth. It applies very easily onto the lips and was actually surprisingly pigmented and moisturising (I wasn't expecting it to be so moisturising!). It's really bright on the lips so I wouldn't wear this as an everyday colour but it would look really nice for special occasions because it's long lasting and transfer proof. If you wanted to wear this everyday, you can apply it in the centre of the lips and blend it out into a Korean gradient effect for a more natural look. I feel like I can't really pull of the gradient look, so I prefer to leave this shade for more formal occasions! It also would probably work better if you have lip liner on first because the pencil is quite thick so it's hard to get the lipstick perfect and within the lines without it. 

The only thing I don't like about this product is it's super strong sweet lolly scent but it's only noticeable when you first apply the product on your lips and once it settles in, the smell is gone. 

Swatches - ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending Pencil #5 

So the other shade that I got was #5 which is a nude-brown shade. It's part of the creamy collection but tbh I don't really see a major difference between the creamy and velvet textures. They're both soft and glides on really smoothly. This particular shade is perfect as an eyeshadow and I love using this shade to create a natural smokey eye by drawing a line on my eye and then blending it up and out. This eyeshadow is long lasting and you will need an oil based eye makeup remover to remove it at the end of the day. When I first did the swatches on my arm I couldn't even remove it with normal makeup remover, it wouldn't even budge with my Biore cleansing water but when I used my Maybelline eye makeup remover it worked after doing a bit of rubbing. So if you're looking for a long lasting smudge proof budge proof eyeshadow stick, this one is for you :) 

Swatches of both Play 101 Blending Pencils 

Dear My Universe x ETUDE HOUSE bag 

Taken from the Dear My Universe Instagram page

Other than the two Play 101 Blending pencils, I also received a black bucket bag which is a really cute collaboration between Dear My Universe & ETUDE HOUSE. Dear My Universe is a cute Korean accessories brand that sells bags, clutches, phone cases and more. The bag that I got is a black cotton bag that has a cute heart logo on it. It's medium sized so it's great for casual wear or for bringing to uni with two different straps to choose from - one long and one short, depending on how you like to wear your bags. Personally, I prefer the longer strap because it's just easier for me to carry around. 

So that's it for this months Pink Bird Box. Hope you all enjoyed reading about it and hope you all have a fantastic week to come! I'll catch you guys later in my next post. In the meantime, feel free to follow my blog on GFC to get updates of when I post and check out my social media (Instagram: @Beautifyinglifee) (Twitter: @Beautifylifee). 

Have you tried any of the ETUDE HOUSE Play 101 Blending pencils yet? Leave a comment down below :) 

*This is a PR sample box sent to me by ETUDE HOUSE to review as part of their Pink Bird Program.
 All opinions are my own.

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