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Hope you guys are all having a great weekend :) I'm starting uni again in two days after a four month holiday so kind of nervous but hopefully everything goes well heh~ Goodluck to everyone else who is starting uni soon!!This week I have a review on this Skinfood Silk Hair Essence. 

Brand: Skinfood
Name: Argan Oil Silk Hair Essence
Price: $6.87 USD
Weight: 100mL
Shade: - 
Where to purchase: StyleKorean
Description: This is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E. Its properties make it particularly beneficial for the Scalp & hair. Formulated with argan oil, 18 kinds of amino acid. : Provides moisture and nutrition for healthy hair. Paraben free, alcohol free, artificial pigment. 

I think I've mentioned this before, but my hair is pretty dry and unruly because I've dyed it several times within these few years and have been straightening it a lot this year for uni. My hair is short, but pretty dead at the same time. I've been looking for products that can revive my hair - I've tried the Pantene 3 minute treatments, Kao Essential Hair Nourising masks and Hair&Me coconut oil treatments but none of them seem to work really well on me or have long lasting effects. Maybe because hair isn't my top priority but I really haven't looked into the best hair care products in the market. However, I have heard that Skinfood makes really great face scrub masks so when I received this Argan oil hair essence, I was quite excited to see how it would work on me. 


This is a really affordable hair treatment oil that comes in a plastic bottle with a lid and pump. I usually do two or three pumps on my hair because I find that if I apply too much it can make my hair look oily instead of giving off a healthy sheen look (which was what I was originally going for). The argan oil has a really strong rose scent which makes your hair smell really good.

The consistency is like a mixture of oil and serum, slightly runny, making it easy to rub onto the hands and apply onto the hair. I try to avoid putting this product on my scalp to avoid making my roots appear wet and oily as the ends of my hair are the real trouble makers. 

In terms of results, it definitely makes my hair feel more smooth and easier to comb through after using the oil. On the days when I feel lazy and don't put this product on, I can feel the difference in the texture of my hair so I try to make a habit of using this daily as the results are not long lasting at all. Also, the thing I don't like about using oil on my hair is the fact that the oil never really absorbs into the hair, it just coats itself over the hair stand. It's not superrr greasy but whenever I go to touch my hair after applying this, I can sometimes still feel the oil. 



♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

It comes in plastic packaging so it's lightweight and won't break easily. I like that it comes with a pump + lid, making it more convenient and mess free to use. But sometimes if you pump the product out at a wrong angle it may drip down and make the whole bottle oily which is the downside of having the pump. If you're not lazy like me and wipe the bottle after each use, it should be okay and stay mess free! 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  / 5 

As always, everything from StyleKorean is really affordable. This contains 100mL of products and costs less than $10 which is a great deal because you probably can't get any decent hair products for that price even at Priceline or other drugstores (unless theres a sale obviously)

♥ ♥ ♥ / 5 

I think this argan oil is a decent product. It makes your hair less tangly and the texture of the hair more smoother when you use the product. However, you really need to be careful of how much product you apply because it can make your hair look and feel really oily if you put too much on. 


- Really Affordable
- Makes hair tangle free
- Smoother hair texture
- Smells really good, like roses
- Comes with pump and lid 
- Plastic bottle making it easier to bring with you travelling

- Applying too much product can make your hair look really oily
- Effect is not long lasting i.e. Once you stop using the product, hair goes back to the condition it was in before 


Hopefully this review was helpful for those looking into getting hair care products from Korean brands. I would recommend this product to people who are consistent with their hair treatment routines but not to those who are lazy like me and forget to apply this on most days. 

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