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Hope you've all had a great week - I am SO glad it's the weekend. Having uni 4 days this week with lots of 9am starts got me realising how much I love the warmth of the bed LOL! I mentioned that I would be doing a skincare post in my last weeks post so here it is! It's actually featuring a brand that you may or may not have heard of from YouTube but it's called Banish Acne Scars. This is basically a brand that was created by a YouTuber called Daisy and she created a solution to acne scarring which is her famous at home derma-rolling kit. Read on if you would like to know more about it - I will be doing a giveaway at the end for this product so stay tuned til the end :) 

I actually heard of Banish Acne after watching Elaine's video on YouTube - if you don't know her, she used to have severe acne but now she has really clear skin thanks to this miracle product! Essentially what dermarolling is, is a microneedling device that penetrates your skin and tricks the skin into thinking that there are wounds on the face. The skin then produces more collagen which helps to slowly get rid of acne scars. There's more information on the site if you do want to know more about this. The website sells a variety of banisher sets that range from different sizes such as Small, medium, XS stamp for spot treating and Large for those with scarring on the body that requires a banisher with larger surface area. Other than the Banishers, I've heard that their masks and facial oils are very effective on the skin as well. But for today, I will just be reviewing the medium banisher set. 

The set arrived very quickly, I think in about 2 weeks and comes in a padded parcel bag. Inside is the Banish clear zip up bag which contains the three products that comes in a set including: 
+ The 0.5mm medium banisher
+ Vitamin C Serum
+ Cleaning Container 

This set retails for $69 USD. 

M (Medium) Banisher

So lets start off talking about the banisher first - a roller device with microneedles. Essentially, it is recommended that you start of with the small banisher first before you move onto the medium banisher because you're skin might not be used to the harshness, but I just started off with the medium banisher because I think it's the more effective one. From the website, the different sized banishers have different uses and you can have a look to see which one best suits the condition of your skin. 

S Banisher(0.25mm) - Boosts the power of your skin care product and evens out skin tone.  Use once a week.
M Banisher(0.5mm) - Clear skin up faster if you have a lot of acne scars. Use Once every 1-2 weeks.
L Body - helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks.  Use Once every 1-2 weeks.
XS Pen - Spot treat acne scars. Use Once every 1-2 weeks.
In the package, the banisher comes in it's own sturdy clear acrylic box holder to keep it clean. It is also covered in a plastic layer that you need to take off, it may look clean but it is  recommended that you sterilise it before every use with either rubbing alcohol from your local pharmacy or if you're like me and couldn't be bothered, boiling water with salt works the same to sterilise the needles for 5 minutes. There's a cleaning container that is included in the package but I like to use a small bowl instead because I feel like it's not safe to put boiling water in the container. However, if you do decide to use rubbing alcohol, then the cleaning container will be ideal for you. 
Don't forget that before your dermarolling session, you must start with a clean washed face with nothing on your skin - so no moisturisers, serums or anything like that. Also, it is NOT recommended to use the banisher if you're planning to wear makeup during the day as the skin needs to rest. It is okay, however, to do it at night before you sleep and to put makeup on the next morning. 
After you sterilise your banisher, make sure you let it cool down because the last thing you want is to burn your face with a hot needle *_*.  Once it's cooled down, you can then look into a mirror to see where the acne scars problem areas are and then start rolling it on your face a few times in one direction and then roll again in another direction for a few more times. It may sound scary that you're putting needles to the face but it doesn't actually hurt!! It just feels like a few pricks on the face but not much pain is involved. 
When you're done with the face you want to sterilise it again and ensure that it's completely dry before you put it back into the acrylic container. You can check out the banisher set here

All natural Vitamin C, E, Ferulic Acid Serum

I don't usually use serums in my daily routine, only a toner but after using this product I have been obsessed with using serums. This product claims to contain 99% pure Vitamin C oil which is meant to promote collagen production, lead to brighter and firmer skin. It is also an anti oxidant product as it contains Vitamin E and claims to slow down the aging process. I have to say this is like my holy grail skin care product. I've had troubles with my skin for this whole year and it had left me with a lot of scarring on my face. I only used the banisher a few times but this oil every day and night. It has lasted me for about 2 months and  although my scars have not completely disappeared, they are less pigmented as they used to be and my skin is less red compared to when I didn't use this serum. 

I apply it after I tone my face and then I put a layer of moisturizer on top to lock the oils in my face. As you can see in the picture, I've literally used every single last drop in the bottle and I would highly recommend this product to use along side with the banisher or even if you don't want to use the banisher, you can definitely just buy this by itself HERE (retails for $39USD) and incorporate it into your daily routine. 

So I haven't been using this kit for the longest time, I'd say one and a bit month and so my acne scars have no faded completely yet, but I am definitely seeing an improvement. If you don't like seeing gross pictures, I'd advise you not to look at the next image but I thought i'd show you my before and after (one month difference). 

The lighting was a bit different in the first picture but nevertheless you can still see the difference one month has made on my scarring. 

Overall, I would recommend the Banish Acne Banisher set to those who have moderate acne scarring on the face! It did take some time to see results on myself because my scars were so pigmented but it differs from person to person. I've read on the website that some people have seen results from one week whilst for some people it takes few months so it really depends on your skin type. Nevertheless you can check out the website and read more about the different products that Banish offers HERE :)

Giveaway (ended)

Banish Acne has kindly offered to giveaway one of the medium banisher sets away in collaborating with this blog - Beautifyinglifee. This giveaway will be on Instagram so if you would like to enter, read the instructions carefully below or head over to Instagram to learn more. 

The Rules 
1. You must follow Banish Acne (@banishacnescars) and myself (@Beautifyinglifee) on Instagram.  
2. Comment on the Banish Acne picture on my Instagram and answer the following question: "Why would you like to win this kit?" 
3. This giveaway ends on September 10th 2015. Winner will be contacted privately. 
4. Good Luck everyone! 

Hope you all have a lovely week, and I'll see you in next weeks post! 

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