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Hello Everyone!!! 

Sorry for being MIA for the past month!!! First of all I want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone (even though we're already near the end of January -- oops!). I was actually on holidays in Hong Kong & Taiwan and stupid me forgot to prepare posts which is why my blog hasn't been updated. But now that I'm back, I'll try my best to upload weekly again :)  I hope you all had a blast during your holidays and spent time with your friends & families! 

Last year, I made a blog post about my Huge Hong Kong Cosmetics Haul and a lot of you guys liked that post, so what's better than starting the blogging year off a 2015 edition!! I actually don't think I bought as much as last year but there's still a lot of products to go through in this post hehe. I also purchased some miscellaneous items from Hong Kong, so if you would like to see those then feel free to leave me a comment down below and I'll try my best to get that up soon!  

Just a bit of background information, in Mong Kok (Hong Kong), there's a street called 'Sai Yeung Choi Street' & this particular street is really long. If you're a make up hoarder, this is the place to go. From one end of the street to the other there are two Etude House Stores, two Innisfree stores, two Laneige stores, two Sasa's, Colourmix, Skinfood, Holika Holika and heaps more makeup shops. So most of the stuff that I bought in this haul, was during my trip down this street. If you were wondering more about where to buy makeup and things in Hong Kong, leave me a comment below and I'll dedicate a separate post on that because I have previously received emails from people inquiring about the best places to shop at in Hong Kong! 

Etude House ♥

As you can tell, this year, I was a bit obsessed with Etude House products! The stores in Hong Kong are super cutely decorated and because I just couldn't hold back, I ended up with $600 worth of products in a day! If you ever have the chance to go to Hong Kong or Taiwan, their Etude House stores are worth taking a look at! And the prices are really cheap with heaps of samples in every purchase. The things that I purchased included: 

  1. Etude House Dear Girls Oil Control Pact -  I originally really wanted to try the Innisfree Oil control pact when I was in the Mong Kok store because so many people had been raving about it including Charmaine :P but because the line was really long that day at Innisfree and I only wanted to buy one thing, I couldn't be bothered to wait. So instead, I went to Etude House and this looked pretty similar but in a pact form. So far, I'm quite liking this powder because it's controlling my oil pretty well in this extremely hot Sydney weather! I'm still looking forward to try the Innisfree powder though hehe! 
  2. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer - My eyelids tend to be quite oily and I haven't really been able to find a good eyelid primer that can keep my eyeshadows in place all day. I watched Cosjane's video on youtube and she recommended this so I decided to try it out. Sadly, it doesn't really work for me, so if you have tried any good eyelid primers please leave your recommendations below because I wear eyeshadows a lot and they never last until the end of the day :( 
  3. Etude House Oh M'eye Liner -  I've previously purchased this before in last year's Hong Kong haul and because I loved it so much, i decided to buy another two! If you're looking for an affordable and good quality eyeliner, this one is the way to go! 
  4. Etude House Bling Bling Eye Stick -  This one was a really spontaneous purchase. I was originally paying at the counter but because I needed another $60HKD to get a sample set, i added this to my basket too. I have yet to try this and I'm pretty excited! 
  5. Etude House Lash Perm Mascara -  After trying the Fairy Drops mascara, I never thought I would need to try any other mascaras because it was that good! But because Hong Kong Sasa's don't stock it anymore, I had to try something else. My sister owns this mascara and said that it was pretty good, so I picked one up myself. 
  6. Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer - I heard really good things about this product from Saaamage off YouTube and omg when I tried this, I couldn't stop using this. It makes my lashes look so much more voluminous and holds the curls for so long! I will probably do a full review on this soon. 
  7. Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints -  I've been obsessed with lip products lately and these were must haves. Really cheap and I really wished they had a larger shade selection. 
  8. Etude House Play Nail Polishes -  Buying nail polishes in Australia can be quite expensive sometimes especially for brands like Essie & O.P.I -- they can cost up to $20. These Etude House nail polishes however have been known for their good quality, super affordable price and huge range of colours. I picked up 5 different shades and I'm loving them so far!

Etude House Hong Kong is really generous with their samples. The more things that you purchase, the more samples you get. Also, if you get their loyalty card, you can collect points whenever you purchase from Etude House and once you get to a certain amount of points, you can exchange this for products (for example, using the points I accumulated in early 2014 and 2015, I was able to get the Etude House hand cream below for free). So as you can see for samples, I got the Etude House Super Collagen Set which comes with an essence, sunscreen and cleansing foam. I also got a free mask and BB cream sample set

 Missha, Colourmix, Benefit + More 

Other than Etude House there were also many other make up stores that were worth visiting. 

  1. Missha Coating Tint - If you didn't know, for some unknown reason, all of Hong Kong Missha stores suddenly closed down in early 2015. But before this happened, they were having 35% off sales, so I went in and bought this lip tint because I really liked the coral coloured one! 
  2. Benefit Gimme Brow - Benefit is actually a pretty popular brand in Hong Kong and as you all know their brow mascara is one of my HG products. I needed to stock up on this so I picked it up from a local counter. Surprisingly it was actually more expensive than buying it from Sydney ($220HKD//$36AUD -- usually $32AUD in Myer Stores), so i'll remember for next time. 
  3. Jojo Makeup Silky Eyeshadow - I bought this eyeshadow last year in Hong Kong too, I really love the colours and the quality is quite good for the price you pay. The review of this will actually be up in a few weeks time. 
  4. Lioele Pop Pinky Tint - This is seriously one of my all time favourite lip tint. It is literally the same thing as Benefit Cosmetics Posie Tint but for a fraction of the price! ($90HKD//$15 AUD)
  5. Maybelline Baby Skin Primer - I actually forgot to pack my primer so I bought this from my local Watson's store. 

  1. Fairy Drops Cat Liner - Surprisingly this year there weren't many things that I wanted to buy from Sasa. The only reason why I would approach SaSa stores everywhere I went was because I was desperately trying to find the Fairy Drops Mascara that I really really LOVE. Sadly I really couldn't find it even after a month of looking for it but instead I discovered their new eyeliner which was available last year. I picked it up straight away and seriously, Fairy drops products never fail! I've been sticking to my Missha & Etude House eyeliner for the whole of 2014 but ever since I bought this, I didn't want to go back. I bought an extra one for my friend as well! 
  2. Bonavoce eyeliner - This eyeliner was on sale at Sasa for like half price so my sister bought it. When she tried it, she said it was really good so I went back and bought one for my self ahaha. 
  3.  Koji 24h Long Lasting eyeliner - If you couldn't tell by now, i am seriously an eyeliner hoarder haha! I love eyeliners with a passion and this one was recommended by my sister again so I bought this one too! This one is different to the previous two because the pen is much more fine and is great for precision and thin winged liner. 
  4. Heavy Rotation Mascara - I heard this was a pretty good mascara in the beauty blogging community so I gave this a try. Although I have to say, I'm not a big fan of this. It's too heavy and makes my lashes droop very quickly!

Lucky last, my favourite purchase of the trip! This is the Benefit 3 Scoops O'Sexy Holiday Limited Edition Lip Set. I became obsessed with Benefit's Posie Tint during November, so I really wanted to try their other tints too. This set was perfect because I could get my hands on all 3 tints and all 3 balms (Full size too!). Posie tint is obviously my favourite but surprisingly I really like lolli tint too. It gives more of a mature feel to your make up look whilst Posie tint is more fun! I don't really have an opinion on the Benetint though because I haven't tried it out yet! 

That concludes my Hong Kong Cosmetics Haul of 2015! Sorry this was such a LONG post - but I tried to make it as short as possible already >.<! Hope you all enjoyed reading this and tell me which product you loved the best out of this haul down below in the comments section! Again, sorry for being away for so long from my blog and I'll be back on track from now on (hopefully hehe!). Love you all! If you want to see a post on miscellaneous things I bought in Hong Kong or a post on where to buy cosmetics in Hong Kong, remember to leave me a comment and I'll get to it as quickly as possible :) Until next time, have a safe week and happy (belated) 2015!!! *sends kisses* 


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