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I feel like I've neglected my blog for a really long time.. but now I'm back with a haul from Vanity Box which had a closing down sale a while ago, for 90% all cosmetics and fashion apparel and 70% off jewellery and accessories'. But, obviously I was only interested in the cosmetics section (As you can tell) ^^

So, on the website (which has closed down now) they stated that the order would take 3-4 days, however, honestly it took almost a week. I actually put in two separate orders so I thought that it would come separately, however everything came in one box (except two of my items were missing... which was disappointing). I've emailed them, but their customer service is a bit slow and now that even the website has closed down, I'm not sure if they're even going to reply..

My Order :)
So the Colour Block One piece never came and the #100 nude beige lip gloss never came :(

Time for the haul!~

First of all, I'm totally in love with the packaging of the eye shadows. They may be a bit bulky but the design is so elegant and looks great in my makeup collection. I love how the Sweet diamond collection eyeshadows have the patterns engraved into the actual eyeshadows. They look so pretty I didn't even want to swatch them because I didn't want to ruin it >.< As you can see coral beige is a really beautiful shimmery orangey gold colour, the consistency is a bit powdery but great for a base colour or if you're having one of those days where you want to just wear one colour or just something natural all over the lids :) I love neutral colours because it never looks overdone!


At first when I ordered this product, I was a bit hesitant because I never wear any colours other than neutral or pink colours for my eye shadow. Green/olive colour looked a bit too over the top but I thought might as well since I was paying for shipping anyway and it was only $1.5 AUD :) I was in for a surprise because when I swatched it, it wasn't even a green colour, It was more of a shimmery, glittery gold which was really beautiful!! It's very similar to the Coral beige colour but with more shimmer to it and more towards the gold side than the orange side. I never really likes gold shadows but it looks really good and I can't wait to try new eye looks with it!!

Charcoal brown is the only Ameli eye shadow that I bought from the basic line. The packaging is still the same but there isn't the elegant hexagon design engraved into the eye shadow making it look much duller :( This is probably my least favourite shadow out of all the ones which I bought, I hate to say! It's very dry and extremely powdery and dusty, like real charcoal (just like the name >.< ) The colour is a great colour for a natural eye look but I'm scared it might easier smudge and smear because of its dusty consistency... Will have to try it out!

This was probably the eye shadow that I had been anticipating the most. The colour is just so beautiful!! I don't know but I have a really big thing for brown coloured eyeshadows and dark smokey eyes! When I swatched it I knew I would definitely love it however, similar to the Charcoal brown, its very chalky and dusty which I really don't like! I wish they had more creamier formulas for their eyeshadows!! Oh well, nonetheless this is still my most favourite shadow because I love the colour soo much :P

Rose rococo is a really pretty hot pink with a touch of shimmer to it. This is probably one of my most favourite eyeshadows out of the lot as well. The pink really compliments brown and dark eyes but i'm sure it would look lovely on light coloured eyes as well :) However personally I really love it when people with light coloured eyes wear dark smokey eyes and dark eyeliners because it really goes well and compliments their features a lot >.< Just my opinion hehe~ Anyway this pink is really pretty on its own or if you want to wear a more daring look but with an angelic touch ^^

Dress killer is soo cute. It's such a soft shimmery pink, looking at it makes me happy! This colour works well by itself, or it's also great to put in the inner corners of your eyes to brighten and waken up the eyes! People usually use white or silver shadows to highlight their inner corners but I think having shimmery pink adds a more cutesy touch and makes you look more princess like! Its so beautiful, you could definitely wear it together with the Rose Rococo shadow to create a sexy cute look ~

I hardly ever use lip balms and lip glosses, however when i saw this on the Vanity Box website i was pretty excited because it only costed like 95 cents which was a really good deal considering that these are usually sold for $9.50! So i originally ordered two plat lips but sadly only one arrived and it wasn't the colour that i was anticipating for, which was quite disappointing :( The packaging is about the same size as the eye shadows but its in a clear plastic container rather than silver packaging which i found a lot more elegant. Surprisingly when i first swatched this, i was instantly in love with the colour. I thought it was going to turn out like a dark plum orangey colour but when applied to the lips it looks really nude and absolutely gorgeous (as well as extremely moisturizing )! Ever since, I've been using it every single day that I've been out :) I really wish the other one came as well because i'm sure i would've been in love with the colour as well! 

The last two products that i purchased was the Ameli Blush in pink. Firstly the packaging is very similar to the eyeshadoww, silver and mirror like, except instead of being round, its in a square packaging. The design on the front is extremely cute and girly and i love it! Performance wise i haven't swatched it yet but the colour looks gorgeous and smooth. Can't wait to try it out! 

The Ameli Contour Blush in the colour brown is really just a bronzer with a fancy name :P 
The packaging is exactly the same as the blush but just a different shade inside. Again, the consistency of the bronzer looks really smooth and the colour is very gorgeous but i yet to still try it out and swatch it! 

So that puts an end to my big haul from Ameli and all in all i'm very happy with the performance of the products I've swatched so far, but customer service wise... i've contacted them for 3 days and they still haven't replied about my missing two products. But i don't think they're ever going to arrive since they've closed down anyway :( 

Hope you all enjoyed this long post and comment below what your favourite product from my haul was :) Even though Vanity box has closed down, I'm pretty sure you can still purchase these products from websites like W2beauty and Twofacemall! Please subscribe or follow me~ 

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  1. Nice post! cool haul. Sorry you didn't get to have all of your order. Thanks for your comment. Yeah sure we can follow each other. I'm following you now on GFC. I hope you do the same to stay in touch. Have a sweet day!


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