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UPDATE: The NEW Updated Face Brush Review is HERE, along with the Eye Makeup Brushes Review! Check it out if you would like to know more about how they perform after 3 months! 

As you all know, Bubzbeauty is probably my favourite beauty guru that i love to watch on YouTube. She's beautiful and she's such an inspiration to me and probably a lot of other girls out there. Around 2011, Bubbi launched her first set of makeup brushes and they consisted of 9 brushes. They were designed really prettily and i really wanted to purchase them, but the price was just too expensive. I think it was more than $100 for the whole set of brushes not including shipping and there wasn't really any design and packaging so i thought maybe it wasn't really worth it. Fast forwarding back to 2013, she finally announced that she'd be launching her new set of bubbi brushes. I was super excited and was waiting for it since March, when it was supposably meant to be launching, however it took until the 20th of May to officially launch. Bubbi stated that she had reduced the prices of the brushes by around 20% and so this time the brushes were very price friendly. The whole set costed around $90 AUD plus shipping and handling ($96 AUD in total) and if you think about it, that makes it $8 per brush. I originally wanted to purchase single brushes to test them out but then i couldn't wait any longer so i purchased the whole set on top of the two brushes that i bought to test (The sculpting brush and HD flawless). The whole sets of brushes were selling out really quickly and it would only be in stock every 3 days for around half an hour. The brushes start selling at 12pm EDT time which was around 2am in Australia. I wanted them so much that i actually woke up at 2am in the morning (on a school day) to purchase them before they ran out of stock. I was REALLY excited that i managed to grab hold of a set. Here's a picture of what the set looks like: 

The payment was accepted,processed and parcel was sent out on the same day, so Tim and Lindy work really hard to make sure the package arrives as soon as possible which i was very happy about. The parcel eventually came in less than a week. 

From reviews that i saw online about her previous range, she didn't have any real packaging for her brushes, they only came in a little bag with all the brushes placed inside it. The new range, however, comes in a cute cardboard hollow box with all the details about the brushes imprinted on it and the set of brushes come in a cute black brush roll. 

All the brushes were packaged really nicely inside the brush roll. It comes with 6 face brushes and 6 eye brushes (but one of the face brushes and one of the eye brushes are dual so technically there's 14 brushes). Most of the face brushes came with a plastic covering for the handle and a brush guard to protect the bristles (except for the buffer brush) but all the eye brushes only came in plastic covers which are disposable. 

What the inside of the brush roll looks like, i took most of the brush guards and plastic coverings off the brushes but left two for photo purposes.
I've inserted the names of the brushes in the picture :) 

So Part 1 of the review will be only for the face brushes: 

This is the Bubbi buffer brush. On the Website it states that it is "An ultra soft densely packed brush designed for perfect buffing and blending of all powder and cream makeup", so it is most suitable for :
  • Buffing out foundation harsh lines  
  • Putting on powder foundation for even finish 
  • Putting on mineral foundation for even finish 
What i think: 
  • The brush is very dense and very soft 
  • Because it is dense it takes awhile to clean it and to dry
  • No bleeding or shedding when washing or after a few uses 
  • Would be great if this brush came with a brush guard 
  • Blends out powder and mineral foundation very well and gives face a flawless finish 
  • Doesn't feel harsh on the skin. 

 This is the Bubbi Powder Brush . On the Website it states that it is "An ultra soft rounded brush designed to give a flawless and even powder application.", so it is most suitable for :
  • Applying Loose powder all over the face to give a light finish
  • Applying a setting powder over the face to give light finish
What i think: 
  • The brush is big and very soft
  • After applying shampoo to cleanse it, it take awhile to rinse out all the excess shampoo
  • Takes around 1 and a half days to fully dry
  • Applies loose powder very evenly on the skin to create flawless finish
  • Very soft on the skin
  • Comes with a brush guard to protect the bristles 

This is the Bubbi Sculpting Brush. On the Website it states that it is "An ultra soft angled brush designed to sculpt and contour the face.", so it is most suitable for :
  • Applying cream blush
  • Applying cream bronzers for contouring
  • Applying cream or liquid foundation
  • Highlighting
What i think: 
  • The brush is very soft
  • I use it for applying foundation more than contouring and this brush gives a nice coverage and doesn't waste much product. 
  • The shape of the brush is angled so it's definitely great for contouring
  • Brush is very dense
  • Takes awhile to clean and dry
  • Great that it comes with a brush guard to protect the bristles
  • Love how this brush can be used for putting on foundation, contouring, applying blush and buffing out harsh edges. If i could only have one thing in my makeup kit for applying face product it would be this one. 

This is the Bubbi Dome Brush. On the Website it states that it is "An ultra soft tapered brush designed to give a luxurious powder application for a flawless & high definition finish.", so it is most suitable for :
  • Applying powder blushes
  • Applying Powder bronzers 
  • Highlighting 
  • Applying Powder foundation
What i think: 
  • This brush was one of the new brushes in the range 
  • It is made of natural fibers and is so soft. When i first touched the brush with my fingers it felt kind of stiff and looked harsh on the skin, but when i applied bronzer to my cheeks it felt so soft, even softer than any of her face brushes in this range. (i was actually really shocked when i was using it because of how soft it was) 
  • Taking the brush guards on and off as well as washing them regularly caused the brush hairs to shed and flare out. 
  • Its a cute and unique brush. Not many other brush brands has this design, though it does remind me of the Sigma F25 tapered face brush (But a lot cheaper, and similar quality!)

This is the Bubbi HD Flawless brush. On the Website it states that it is "An upgraded and improved version of our best seller HD Flawless brush. Now the bristles are softer than ever and longer in length for an ultra soft application and high definition results. The angled flat top brush reaches hard-to-reach areas of the face effortlessly and blends to a flawless finish.", so it is most suitable for :
  • Blending out concealer 
  • Putting on liquid foundation or BB creams
What i think: 
  • This was one of the brushes that i was most excited about because i really wanted to move away from the traditional flat foundation brushes and move to a more stippling-like brush. When i saw this in her range i knew it was a must have. However, when it came, it was a lot smaller than expected (Probably a diameter of 2cm) so it took a much longer time to put on foundation because the brush surface area was so small. 
  • The brush feels soft to touch but i felt that when it was put to more delicate areas such as under the eyes, it might be a bit too hard and rough which i don't really like (because who wants big eyebags >.<) 
  • The brush is very dense so it can pick up a lot of product at one time and you therefore don't need to use much product to cover the entire face which is a good thing. 
  • Very easy to wash because of how small it is 
  • Quite dissapointed with it because i thought it was like a stippling brush, but i still love it because Bubbi designed it and its really pretty just to look at :) 

This is the last face brush review for this post. This is the Bubbi Dual Cover Brush. On the Website it states that it is "A dual ended streak-free brush designed to give a smooth and even finish for foundation and concealer application.", so it is most suitable for :
  • Blending out concealer 
  • Putting on liquid foundation, BB creams, Mousse foundation, Cream foundation and also powder foundation
What i think: 
  • This is the brush in which i had the least expectation in because it's such a traditional brush. But i was pretty blown away with it. I currently use the QVS foundation brush and its pretty much the first foundation brush I've owned so i couldn't really compare it to anything. But after using the QVS brush and then using the Bubbi dual cover foundation brush, the Bubbi brush is so much thinner and the bristles are so much softer. The foundation gets applied so much faster, smoother and is streak free. 
  • One of my favourite brushes in the range 
  • Many people say it's hard to wash these dual brushes but i just lay it down flat after washing them and the brushes are still in perfect condition. 
  • The concealer end is a bit small but very soft and easy and delicate to use underneath the eye area for concealing dark circles. 
That's all i have to say about the Bubbi Face Brushes. Overall I'm SO happy with the quality of these brushes, they have totally blown my expectations with their softness and the packaging of it is just so professional and beautiful to look at. I'm so glad i bought them and i would definitely recommend everyone to buy a set. The full set is really cheap considering the quality and how many brushes you get, however it is currently out of stock until sometime in July. 

Thank you everyone for watching and PLEASE comment and follow for more updates and part 2 of the Bubbi Brushes (Eye brushes)! 

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