[Trip to Hong Kong] Huge Cosmetics Haul ♥

Heyy everyone ^_^ 

Firstly, I want to say Happy Belated New Year hehe, I know i'm nearly a month late but I was actually on holidays over in Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, which explains why I've been MIA! I hope everyone's been well and I've actually been missing blogging a lot, so hopefully i can make up for the posts which I've missed out on in the past 4 weeks! 

I spent a month in Hong Kong and i mostly bought Korean cosmetics and skin care products rather than high end because it's harder to find Korean cosmetics in Australia. There are many shops which i went to, to find these products including Sasa, Colourmix and Bonjour. I won't talk too much about where I purchased all this makeup because i have a separate post coming up which will cover that, so stay tuned! And without further ado, let's get on and see what i bought!! 

Disclaimer: I'm in no way trying to brag about the things i bought during my trip to Hong Kong. It is really hard to find Korean Cosmetics in Australia and even if you can, its really expensive, which is why i hauled so much! If this offends you, feel free to click out of my blog now~ 

Face Products ♥ 

Whenever I go to Hong Kong, I like to see what new products Maybelline have, because the range that they have in Australia is totally different from the ones in Hong Kong. It's like how they sell the Fit Me shine free foundation stick in the US and other parts of the world whilst Australia doesn't sell it. I have acne prone oily skin, but it gets really dry during the winter, especially in combination with my acne medication so the BB cream really stood out to me. Both BB creams promised moist and hydrated skin after application so i couldn't help but purchase both of them to wear in Winter because I knew I'd never be able to find them in Australia. Both of them together costed 156 HKD after 25% off :) 
I also bought the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser because I'm scared that my Etude House Goodbye Pore ever will run out so this is my back up! Hopefully it'll work just as well as Etude House.